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A few years old, used car for about £10,000

Home Forums Buying a Car A few years old, used car for about £10,000

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    I am a 23 years old man. I am driving for 3 years and feel confident as a driver, however my knowledge about cars is very limited. Also, my driving experience is limited roughly to one car: SEAT Ibiza (2015), 1.6 manual. I was driving few more cars (renting etc.) but for now I can say that I am not a refined driver who will feel that much difference between driving different cars.

    In the next few months I am planning to buy an used car and I don’t want to pay more than £12,000, however preferably I would spend much less like £8,000 or even £7,000. I know it is a big spread but it is because my knowledge is not that big so it may be possible that I was looking for a specific car from 2015, but your advice may be to buy the same car from 2013 cause it is very reliable.

    I will be using a car for a daily commuting to work (about 7 miles each way), 2 times a moth for a short trip about 150 miles in total and 2 times a year longer trip. I believe diesel engine will be good in this case.

    My main requirements (all of them important):
    – The car must look nice (preferably Saloon type looking like Mazda6 or Vauxhall Insignia)
    – The car must be cheap to maintain both when it comes to fuel consumption and repair
    – The car must look nice inside, preferably having a display
    – Gearbox: automatic
    – Engine: I don’t need a sport car, however I want engine to be powerful enough to have a good acceleration if needed

    Less important:
    – Car not older than 5 years
    – Lower mileage
    – Comfortable and spacious interior
    – Parking sensors

    I already have a lot of candidates. I was checking a lot of opinions about them and asking my friends but I always found at least one opinion which was very negative about each car.
    – Vauxhall Insignia
    – Mazda 6
    – Mazda 3
    – Volvo S60
    – Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    – Volkswagen CC
    – Ford Mondeo
    – Citroen C5
    – Audi A4

    Of course that for example Audi A4 is a much better car than Vauxhall Insignia but costs much more and I will get older car, with poorer version. What would be your advice?


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    I am sorry, the car I mentioned, Seat Ibiza is not from 2015 but from 2005…

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