Advice needed please. Negotiations on price of ex-demo Lexus slap-down!

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      Hi there,

      If anyone is able to offer any advice, I’d be grateful….

      Today I took an ex-demo Lexus RX L for a test drive.

      I was planning on part-exchanging my 18-month old Lexus CT H and had agreed a value with the dealership.

      Loved the RX L and it fitted all my requirements.
      2018 plate,Long Base, Top Spec, Leather…BUT 6,000 on the clock.

      The asking price was 44,450

      Down to negotiations…

      I am a cash buyer. Have bought from this Lexus dealership before and have been a no hassle customer and have bought service packages etc from them and apart from car services, they don’t see or hear from me… Perfect custom!

      So, I ask his best price, he offers to round price down to 44,000. I ask him to go rethink and come back with a sensible price as I think £450 off a £44k car with 6,000 on the clock isn’t really a starting point.

      He goes away and comes back and says the best they can do is stick with the asking price of £44,450 and credit my service account £295 and then says that they wouldn’t be any further negotiation on the price of the car.

      I walked away, politely and said I would call him in a day or two.

      I’m a lone female, negotiating on a luxury vehicle with a quiet but skilled sales executive.
      Am I being unreasonable to want to negotiate on the ticket price of a car or am I out of the loop in what I should expect?

      Any advice gratefully received.


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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Jessica. Ultimately there is no right or wrong to used car pricing, regardless of whether it’s an ex-demo or a 20-year-old banger.

      It always comes down to who is prepared to give ground and who can negotiate better. If you don’t think they are taking you seriously, walk away and take your business elsewhere. There are plenty of Lexus dealers in the UK, and they’ll all have ex-demo or near-new vehicles available.

      There are also plenty of car buying sites that can help you get better prices – Carwow is the best-known but not the only one.

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