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      I made the mistake of purchasing an overpriced Suzuki Grand Vitara (on a 2009 plate) thinking that I’ll avoid any mechanical issues, due to buying from a dealer rather than going for a cheaper version privately etc. The car was sold with full history and a years MOT, with no advisory warnings showing.

      No sooner had I returned all the way back to the south coast with it from Brentwood, Essex, did I realise that the trader had advertised the car on Autotrader with 69000 miles on the clock, whereas it was actually showing 72000. Plus there was a hole the size of a golf ball hidden under the drivers side mat!?!

      Some strongly worded emails later, the trader eventually offered me £140 as a ‘gift’, which I stupidly accepted. As I was still using my company car at the time, the Vitara then sat on the drive for the next 3 weeks or so until I handed back my company car. When I began using the Vitara it quickly started making a strange noise when running. Not being a mechanic or knowing what was going on I passed it to my local Suzuki dealership so they could take a look.

      A day later I was stunned to hear that the car was found to have had next to no engine oil in it, that an exhaust mount was broken, the drivers seat was lose and two out of the three windscreen wipers were worn out. On closer inspection I saw that the previous 2017 MOT had highlighted two of these items but the one that Barn Cars Ltd sold with it was showing a clean bill of health!

      Now, I’m left with a car that I cannot keep but need to put right before I sell on. I’m so annoyed as the guy who sold me this Vitara saw that I had a heavily pregnant partner and two toddlers, who were in the new car with me as I drove away from his car yard. It makes me so angry to think that this guy allowed me to risk the lives of my children over making a few pound coins!?!

      I have submitted all relevant evidence to the Trading Standards and can only hope that they follow this case up before the greediness of these two chaps running this particular 2nd hand car dealership kills some poor sod.

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