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      Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise me on this please? I put a 10% deposit down on a polo yesterday. Today my parter went to look more closely/ pick up the car. It was only at this point we noticed the advertised mileage of 96000 (approx) did not match a MOT from a few years ago of 173000 (approx). The dealer said it was down to a mistake made by that MOT garage, and the mileage they gave is the accurate one. We decided not to gamble and walked away from the sale.
      We asked for the deposit back, as it is not as advertised. We were told to phone to speak to the boss tomorrow.
      I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what it’s best to say to get the deposit returned to us, (I realise I am assuming the worst, and it might be refunded with no issues) I was wondering what is the best way to word it to them. We were told when we made the deposit that it was un refundable, but obviously there is an argument now that it was mis advertised. Does the non-refundable aspect still stand?
      Thank you for you help.

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      Dag Hammar

      Firstly, what is the mileage showing on the car’s odometer/instrument panel ?There is a very useful government website where you can look at the MOT history of a vehicle. You only need the registration of the vehicle to access the information.
      Search check-mot.service.gov.uk or just do a google search by entering “MOT history” and the website should be found. You will be able to look at the car’s MOT record going back several years. The benefit to you will be that the recorded mileage at each MOT is shown and any advisories. This will give you a better picture of how the mileage has increased each year.
      This of course only works on cars that are three years old or more.
      Do you have a hard copy print out or a screen shot of the dealers advert for this car that specifically states the mileage ? If you do have, I’d suggest going back to them and ask for your deposit back. If they refuse then take the matter up with your local Trading Standards and tell the dealer that is what you will be doing. If this dealer “has form” of dodgy practices there is a possibility that they might already be on the radar of Trading Standards and another incident may help them bring a case.
      Finally, how did you pay your deposit and how much did you pay ? Depending on the amount you paid and if you paid on a credit card, the card company may assist you.
      Let us know the outcome please.

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