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    I though Id start as nobody else has…
    As the title says BMW M3 E46.
    I’ve had it a few weeks but only done a few hundred miles in it, however here is what I’ve’s fast..damn quick in fact. As some of you may remember from the old forum I used to own a Mazda 3 MPS and that is a pretty quick car but the M3 takes it to the next level.
    I love it when i get in the car, and when i got in it yesterday after not being in it for a couple of weeks I smiled all the way to work. Even though it is 11 years old it feels tight and unbelievably well made, even compared to my 3 year old Mazda.
    So to conclude, the good points – performance, surprising fuel economy (over 30 on a run)build quality, ergonomics of the dashboard, the engine sounds immense,don’t know if the exhaust is standard but my god…
    Bad points – It’s a bit of an animal and always wants to play even if im just going to the shops. It’s not what I would call a relaxing drive, tram lines a bit on bumpy winding country roads, thats about it really.

    Thanks Wayne

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    Man im tempted, How much do you pay insurance if you don’t mind me asking?

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    Insurance is only about £30 per year more than the MPS. It cost £308 Fully comp.

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    How much time did you spend looking for your M3? There are always plenty round but most of them I wouldn’t want to touch with a 40 foot pole.

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    It will be ideal as a powerful, reliable and well equipped daily driver. It was a wonderful car.The M3 can sound a tad tinny when cold, until things warm up the baffles sound like they are about to depart the vehicle via the rear

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    i Think its a best car . Because of its look wise, Pickup wise and setting wise its perfect

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