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      Patricia Nebvuuma

      Hi Stuart
      I bought the car Renault Scenic from a trader 13 march 2018 and it was advertised on gumtree. On the advert it was stated that it does not comes with mot, but unfortunately i didn’t noticed that. Then I went to view that car and asked the seller how long the mot left on the car and he said three months left. I said to him oh sorry I want a car with long mot then he said its not a problem he can do the mot before I even paid the car. And he asked me to add £50 on top for mot cost which i did. i believed him and left my deposit and paid the full amount by bank transfer on the following day. I even paid for the car delivery cost.
      He even told me over the phone that the car has now have mot it will expiry on 14 march 2019. he suppose to deliver the car 0n the 14 march but as soon as he confirm that the money was now transfer he was sort of blocking my calls when i wanted to find out about the delivery. But anyway to cut the story short, this man sent the delivery car without mot as we agreed, no manual book and no service history. i called him to ask the reason then he told me that the car state that NO MOT on the advert. I did not know what to do, I contacted the police to check if the car was not, I called the Fraud service, called citizen bureau advice and now I reported this to the Consumer Rights. I can not sleep, i used all my money to my last penny i have to purchased this car thinking i am buying something that will save me for a long period of time. Now the trader person is not willing to refund and he does not answer my calls. if he answers as soon he hears my voice he cut the phone. I sent him recorded letter and i was tressing it but found out that the letter has sent back to sender.
      Am I going to win this case even if I keep pressing on seeking law advice. Please Help!

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Patricia. He sounds like a rather nasty piece of work, doesn’t he?

      Unfortunately, these cases usually come down to what was agreed in writing, which is the vehicle order form. If you don’t have one of those, it’s difficult to argue what was said or promised verbally.

      Without knowing his side of the story, if he is refusing to have the car put through an MOT inspection, it’s probably because he knows it’s going to fail and the fix is likely to be expensive.

      Ultimately you can take legal action against the bloke ,but it may well end up costing you a lot more than the car cost in the first place.

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