brought a used car with no service for 2 years and a messed up turbo.

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      AvatarJamie D

      First things first, I knew it was dodgy before I paid for it. The car details is Peugeot 207 HDI 1.6 paid £350.

      I had a garage already refuse to see to it (most prob made excuses to get rid of me) but while I’m saving up for a replacement turbo shall I service the car first (to protect the rest of the engine) or wait and do the turbo and service together?

      The car does start spitting out white smoke but does stop as I’m driving. I know it was risky (maybe stupid) to consider buying a car in that state but I cannot express enough the rest of the car is spot on.

      Drives smooth no bodywork damage etc 113k mileage 2007 plate. What do you guys think?

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Jamie. You probably need a garage to inspect the engine and let you know exactly what you’re up for in terms of repairs. There may be more than a new turbo required.

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      AvatarJamie D

      Well i did take it to a garage (the one who refused to help me) they even told me the rest of the car was ok. But im worried if i dont service it when i get to repairing turbo i could have damaged it even more.

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