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Bumped neighbours car, agreed to sort out independently, still on going.

Home Forums Car finance Bumped neighbours car, agreed to sort out independently, still on going.

This topic contains 1 reply, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Avatar Dag Hammar 1 week ago.

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    Well over a month ago, I bumped my neighbours car whilst parallel parking. Must have been going around 2/3mph. I immediately informed them and we assessed the damage (I cracked my grill just minor suerficial) and I had put a very small indentation in the metal grill protector and left a scuff on the bumper. It was my neighbour who suggested not going through insurance and as my excess was £900 I felt some relief and agreed.
    So I got the car took to a garage and paid for a courtesy car for her in the mean time. During this entire time she was repeatedly texting me asking me to sort it asap and how she wanted it doing now and not to be messed around. The reason I took it to a garage of my choose was she was sending me 4 grand quotes and 3 grand quotes. I spoke to one of the garages who actually laughed when I said the quote and put the phone down. Once the car was done (replaced bumber grill and got the scuff out) the car was returned. They then claimed the bumper grill wasn’t the same as the previous one and was sharp at the bottom ( it had to be cut for their tow bar, which they also included on the car quote) my boyfriend insisted to them that the one they had on was in a shocking condition and they have to cut it to fit around the tow bar. They continued moaning and we advised them to go to a mercedes garage to confirm it is the proper bumper ( despite us sending before and after ictures) and to reassure them the gap between bumper and boot is normal with the 09 model. They instead went to a garage that fixes mercs and sent me another 4k quotes after I’d already spent just over 1k. After her texting and calling me we said they should just go through insurance. So they rang their insurance and sure enough she rang back furious saying her insurance wouldn’t cover it as she already excepted for work to be done and demanded I get it sorted asap because she wasn’t having it. She even threatened telling my parents who have nothing to do with it and who I didn’t want involved as they’re very quiet private people. Unlike my neighbours. I spoke to rac legal advice and the woman told me that basically I should tell her how it is and block her number. And if she wants to go through civil courts then I have a good leg to stand on. I’m just anxious about the situation because they’re so relentless and are never happy and it’s costing me all my money. Am I doing the right thing in still getting the car fixed? (Also I realise now that I should have gone through insurance at the time I honestly thought it was about £200 of damage I actually thought they wouldn’t be bothered about it. Worth noting this is ny first accident from driving 3 years)

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    Dag Hammar

    Ella, with hindsight it appears that you have already parted with more money than your insurance excess of £900.
    If your neighbours are being demanding and unreasonable it might now be a good time to speak to your insurance company and explain what has happened. You have paid their premium to insure you and your car plus any damage to a third party. Some policies may include legal protection cover if you have paid the appropriate premium and that cover ( if you have it ) may also be of benefit to you. I would advise against handing over any more money to your neighbour as they appear to be taking advantage of you and will continue to do so if you allow them to.
    I hope that when you contact your insurance company they will help you.
    Good luck.

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