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    Nathan williams

    So I got a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso in Feb 16 and have had nothing but problems. 6 months ago I had engine stop lights come on went to garage, knackered turbo caused by old oil turning to coal in the engine, was advised at the time to scrap it as the problem would just reoccur, unfortunately I needed the car so paid to fix it and hoped to make it to the halfway point so I could VT.
    I was literally 1 week away from making the call and sending a letter when the fault light has come back on I haven’t driven it since.
    Can’t afford to fix it again but desperately need a car as I have 2 young children
    Is there anything I can do ????

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Nathan. To VT the car, it has to be in good working order, with no “damage beyond normal wear and tear”. So if the engine’s broken, you can’t VT it (or at least, you can but the finance company will send you a very large bill for the broken engine).

    For more information, have a read of our guide to voluntary termination.

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    That’s what I figured,
    Because the garage I took it too said it would keep happening and it’s not worth the cost of a new engine,
    I could try and fix it on the cheap get it working and hand it back but I know any future owner would probably end up with the car unaware of the problem,
    Or do I inform the finance company of the problem and see what they say
    Don’t want to risk them refusing go take it back if they know it’s cream crackered
    Any thoughts

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    Mickey Powell

    Help my 2012 citroen c4 grand picasso semi/auto stays in nutral cannot select any gears auto or manual

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    Tony Worrall

    Hi i have a c4 and sumtimes wen a go to it the back air suspension is flat on the floor any idea

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