Can I trade in my PCP vehicle to any dealer or as it got to be original dealer

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      Steve Price

      My PCP is coming to an end and I want a different make next time.
      I have checked and will have equity in the vehicle come change time.
      The finance company is the same for both dealer makes.
      Do I have to return vehicle back to same dealer or will another one take my vehicle and just start the PCP over again?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Steve. You can go wherever you like – the dealer where you’re buying the new car will handle the settlement of your current finance agreement.

      For more information, have a read of our article about your options at the end of your PCP.

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      Stephen Price

      Thank you Stuart
      I have now read your article all is now clear.

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      Steve Price

      I traded my car in early and now have a new Jaguar F-Pace, got a fantastic deal and paying the same monthly amount.
      Thanks for the great advice

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      Stuart Masson

      Great news, Steve. Thanks for coming back to let us know that it’s all worked out for you, and enjoy your new Jaguar!

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      Just to enquire,will pcp be the only option if I trade my vehicle with a new one or are there any other options available as well

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      Have a hp car going trade in for mobile car. The new car have advance payment does that still count if I trade my car then. Thanks

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