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Can i use Portable Car Heater instead Car heating system?

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      Hello, few days ago my car heating system are broken. I read on the few sites (and articles topics) that i can use the Portable Car Heater to heat my car inside. So, i want to kno is it true or no? And need i to repair car heating system?

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      Stuart Masson

      If it is a proper portable car heater, designed to work on 12-volt car electrical systems, then you probably can use it. But be aware that it may put a significant load through the car’s electrical system and cause other problems with your alternator or battery, or blow fuses all the time because it is overloading the system.

      On top of the above, portable electric heaters will be much less effective than your car’s heating system, so you may find that it makes little difference on an average journey anyway.

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      Yes, you need to repair it. Unless you want the full ‘1960s Land Rover’ experience.

      The most a plug in heater is likely to be able to give you is say 10A at 12V (typical max load on a ciggie socket) = 120W!!

      Essentially, you won’t even be able to clear the windscreen in winter with that.

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      Yeah, better to repair it. But at first time you can use the portable car heater to heat it before you repair.

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