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      We have had, what I feel, is a terrible service from Honda. We went to test drive a car (not the one we were actually buying), said we needed to go away and think about a PCP deal they offered us. I sent them an email explaining that what they were offering wasn’t for us but thanks anyway because we decided to lease a Honda instead elsewhere. After this, I basically got hounded all day on the phone by different salesmen from the dealership once an hour. They were so keen to get me to commit to paying a deposit and were trying not to let me put the phone down to speak to my wife about it, I got quite annoyed with one guy who said something along the lines of “I don’t get it, you can see the figures in front of you, why can’t you say yes?” after I had said I’d like to discuss it with my wife first.

      At that point I should have turned the phone off. Anyway, they managed to persuade me to do a deal with them by matching a deal I’d found elsewhere, but only because the salesman told me that he had found a car in blue and I could have it “immediately” but I’d need to pay a deposit of £1000, which I agreed to.

      Today, I was informed that the car had been sold and would I like a white car instead in a weeks time. Now, I’m not that picking about the colour, but I am furious: The only reason we accepted the deal was because he told me he could get me that blue car immediately, but it obviously didn’t exist, or even if it did he didn’t use my money to secure it.

      Basically, I do not wish to deal with them further, I cannot trust them. Can I cancel the deal and get my £1000 back?

      Many thanks for listening to my massive rant, it’s been a stressful week with our car broken down!



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      P.S. I did sign paper work via email, it had no vehicle details on the page other than the blue colour. I paid the deposit on credit card over phone. Thanks very much, Rob

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Rob. If the dealer cannot provide the car as set out in the contract, the contract is void and you are entitled to your deposit back.

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      Thanks so much for your reply Stuart, that’s good to hear, however…

      Unfortunately, after writing to them to say we wish to cancel the deal, we got an email today saying that they had managed to get the original car we wanted to buy. I still want to cancel the deal however and have told them as much and await their answer.

      Do you know if we are still able to cancel and get deposit back? I read that if it was done over phone or online then we might be allowed? What do you think?

      Thanks so much for you time, you do a great service here!

      Many thanks,


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      Case solved, they’re paying up! Thanks for your time, Rob

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