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      Hi there,

      I’m after some advice as soon as possible.

      My girlfriend is looking at buying a new car and we recently went to a Mercedes dealership to have a look at an A180d and to speak about her options, and how much the monthly payments through finance would be etc.

      All went well, she liked the car but we were running out of time that day (only 20 minutes until the dealership shut as it was on a Sunday) so we asked if it was possible for her to come back for a test drive in the week and to have a look in further detail about the car and spec.

      So she went back during the week with her mum (I couldn’t get the time off work) and test drive the car. She liked it and they began to look at spec etc.

      She hadn’t decided on a colour yet, so the salesman put it down as a high-end metallic paint as a “worst case scenario”. He printed the order form etc. And said to her “all we need from you now is the deposit”.

      It’s worth mentioning that during the first meeting at Mercedes, I told the salesman that she didn’t have the money yet but was due to receive it within a couple of months and she was just looking at options.

      She explained she didn’t have the deposit just yet. The salesman then said “this may cause some problems then” went to speak to manager etc. And came back with an order form for the car and asked her to sign it “for next time she comes in to save time” without explaining to her properly what she was actually signing. As I was not there myself, I couldn’t have told her to check what she was signing and neither her, nor her mum thought anything of it, they just thought it was for contact details etc.

      So in short – she has signed an order form for a car that wasn’t in the spec/colour she wanted as it was all just “theoretical” to get a quote. She also has not paid any deposit whatsoever, but they do have her bank details.

      She has now changed her mind and no longer wants the car as she’d rather put the money towards getting myself and her house/flat of some description, she feels it would be a better use of her money.

      Where does she stand on cancelling the agreement? She signed it 5 days ago at the time of writing this.

      On a possible unrelated note, when I was there I asked the salesman “what is the optional purchase payment at the end of the contract for her to keep the car?” To which the salesman replied “£0. There will be nothing to pay at all”. However, the salesman said to her in the following appointment (when I wasn’t there) that it would be £12,000 [roughly]). Is this worth mentioning?

      Thanks for your help!

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Kieran. The first and most obvious thing is that your girlfriend should read a contract (or any piece of paper) before signing it.

      You should never need to sign anything to get a finance quote on a new car, so either the dealership is highly manipulative or you/your girlfriend are not telling the whole truth here.

      If she hasn’t paid any deposit then there’s not much the dealership can do. She can inform them that she’s not proceeding with any purchase, in writing (email is fine). They may jump up and down, but there’s not much else they can do.

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        Hi Stuart,

        I knew she shouldn’t have signed it, if I was with her I would’ve advised against it but I believe the dealership were being very manipulative.

        The thing she signed was the vehicle order form, which was strange since she never stated she wanted to place an order and the actual vehicle she signed for was not the one she necessarily wanted as she never decided on spec and colour etc.

        That’s the reason I asked for help on here, because if it was a normal case where she’d ordered it and paid deposit etc. then I’d know what the outcome would be.

        She has now written to them.

        Thanks for your help,

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      Lisa Douglas

      Good Morning,

      I went into VW and made an order and a on a car the car haven’t been made yet but i have now changed my mind and wish to cancel, i have sign some paper work and paid £500.00 deposit please can you let me know what my option are.
      Can i cancel the order since the car haven’t been made yet and can i get my deposit back.

      Kind regards


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