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Car goes into gear but only revs (Ford Focus)

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      I have a problem with my Ford¬†Focus, 2005 reg. I have never posted on a forum before but thought why not… so here it goes.

      I have had the car for about a month now and everything has been fine with the car and done approx. 1,000 miles since I got it (total mileage 65,000) it’s a manual 1.6 petrol. over the weekend I noticed that when I was stationary at traffic lights I would go into first gear but would only rev up and the car would not move. it would take a number of tries before it finally moved and at times its so bad that I have to start from second gear which works without fail…so far.

      This has got worse over time, third doesn’t always go in (this is whilst still moving) and recently on the motorway couldn’t get into 5th, it would take a number of tries. second and fourth touch wood haven’t had any issues with and always works as it should.

      Has anyone had any problems similar to this? I took it to the mechanic yesterday, he had a drive and said its the weirdest thing he’s ever seen. any experiences I would be grateful or ideas of what this problem could be.


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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Stefan. Sounds like some kind of gearbox issue rather than clutch, since 1st/3rd/5th are not working but 2nd/4th are. I’d suggest trying a specialist gearbox mechanic.

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