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      Jack Chambers

      I July last year my Vauxhall Viva had 3 oil leaks in the space of a month, all repaired through warranty, didn’t have any more issues till now, the last week W/C 8/10/18 my car had another oil leak the 4th in less than 2 years, I’m getting fed up now, I brought a brand new car 16reg 2 years ago to work, but I’ve just had problem after problem, is there anything I can do/have e.g a car exchange to the same model for the same amount a month? I feel that I’m entitled to some sort of compensation due to the inconvenience it has caused me
      Thank you

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      paulette kelleher

      I purchased a ford focus 1.6 via finance march 2016.

      June 2018 the cylinder head has cracked and was quoted £4800 to replace the engine which was not an option for me due to lack of funds however three weeks later I received a safety recall letter form Ford Motor Company stating there are coolant issues with this type of engine which could cause the cylinder head to crack and even go on fire.

      I actually do not have any interest in repairing the vehicle and theoretically do not own the vehicle.

      I took the finance out over 5 years and still have 30 months of payments outstanding, do I have a case to hand the vehicle back as not fit for purpose.

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        Stuart Masson

        Hi Paulette. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a lot of luck trying to reject a car after driving it for two years, even allowing for the recall letter.

        If you are determined to try, you should definitely get assistance from a lawyer to help you navigate your way through the process and represent you to the finance company and dealership.

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      Kathy Dare

      Hi, I purchased a car, Citroen ds 3, 2014 plate, last year, since then I’ve had no end of problems, I bought it on finance and have just under 4 years left to pay. This year I’ve taken it back to them 4 times for the turbo missing, they’ve sent it to Citroen twice now and they can’t find the fault, the car, to my mind, is dangerous as last weekend it missed again, middle Lane of the motorway. As I’ve had it for just over a year now am I able to return it and request either a refund or a replacement? It’s back over at Citroen as I type!

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Jack. Your legal rights generally don’t make allowances for “inconvenience” unless it gets as far as a courtroom and a judge decides to factor it into any decision.

      Trying to reject a car after two years through the Consumer Rights Act is likely to be a tough ask, as it is up to you to prove that the car was faulty on the day you bought it.

      Your new car warranty is probably the best bet in getting the problem sorted, but you may need to be very firm in insisting that the fault is properly and permanently rectified, especially if it’s a reoccurrence of the previous problem.

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      Jack Chambers

      It has been done under warranty, but after next year I won’t have any warranty and it will have to come out of my pocket will be expensive to rectify, what will happen then. I would be paying for a broken car at the end of the day

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