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Car oil light, is my car safe to drive?

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      Last week I drove 230 miles (all on the A1 except very last part so was no gear changes etc until the end of the journey) and when decelerating and changing down gears between first and third gear my oil light came on when the clutch was down and then went off again when it was released and only did it in the first three gears.

      Later on, I drove another 100 again on the A1 and the same happened at the end of the journey in the first three gears and only when the clutch was down.

      The next day I drove another 100 again and it did not happen at all. I am getting it serviced on Wednesday, however, am unsure whether it is safe to drive back home (230 miles again mainly on the A1) as I need to get it home to be serviced.

      I haven’t noticed any noises or change in how the driving feels, however don’t know whether it is safe to drive it? It’s a 2005 Vauxhall¬†Corsa (just hit 80,000 miles) and I have no idea about cars. I had the oil level checked and it is near maximum so that is not the issue.
      Thanks in advance.

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      Update was dodgy sensor

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