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      Hello, we part exchanged for a car advertised on Autotrader from what looked like a dealer but turned out he is self-employed, I believe (has a business name but not a business!).

      We paid by credit card to his brother who has a garage because he did not accept credit card payments. Turns out the service history is non-existent now and an engine warning light came on.

      He is willing to fix the catalytic converter (I believe), but at his brother’s. We are obviously now worried as it is an expensive part and we don’t want a quick fix so want our garage to do it.

      What rights do we have in this situation with regards to our garage doing the fix and him offering part refund for no service history.

      Also, if he refuses can we get a full refund and our old car back?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Pete. Let’s start with your last question – you’re almost certainly not going to be able to get your old car back. Even if you manage to get a refund, you are likely to get the part-exchange value for your car rather than the car itself.

      The whole operation sounds very dodgy, and it’s quite possible that the brothers are working this way to try and avoid their legal responsibilities as a dealership.

      I would suggest getting some legal advice, as a consumer lawyer will be able to look at the original advertisement, the vehicle contract or sales order, the invoice and any other paperwork to help establish your rights.

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