Used Citroen C4 – not informed of previous collision

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      Hi i got a car on finance last year in August 16 , it was a 13 plate car which had 2 previous owners, it was sold as a used car but at no point was there a mention of the car being in any collision or the fact had a front end repair done on it. It was bought from a local family run dealership and cost around £7’900

      So it waas a Citroen C4 and has recently had a safety recall about the bonnet’s so while it was being inspected by the Citroen garage they noticed it wasnt a genuine citroen bonnet and also that there as some corrosion underneath it and rust which had been covered with paint and quite a bit corrosion on one of the wings which shows to me its not genuine parts

      I have checked the V5 and no mention of previous damages or collisions. It was sold as a new(ish) car i shouldnt be expecting it to be rusting or finding out its been previously damaged.

      As citroen done the safety recall, they explained to me about the damages and that that some of the parts were not genuine citroen parts, after consulting with their management they stayed in honour and replaced the bonnnet.

      I believe i have a strong case here and would like some advice on my next steps.

      I would like to add i took the car back to the local dealership today and inforned them of the same….their response was “i never knew about this, it was never declared” and they have offered to replace the rusting wing on the passenger side.

      What advice can you gove on this case

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Alistair. Unless the car is a Category C or Category D write-off (which can legally be repaired and put back on the road), a trader is not obliged to tell you about any minor or cosmetic damage. Even on a new car, a dealer is not obliged to tell you if the vehicle has suffered minor or cosmetic damage – and it happens a lot. However, if you directly ask them if the car has been damaged or involved in a collision, they can’t lie to you.

      The problem is that it’s very difficult to prove anything unless you have asked your questions in writing and received a written response, and you would also need to have an independent inspection done prior to buying the vehicle which would flag this up.

      Obviously you would expect the dealer to deny any knowledge – and it’s quite possibly true. Used car dealers simply want to get cars in and out the door again as quickly and painlessly as possible, so they are not going to look too hard for any non-critical problems.

      It doesn’t take a significant collision to require replacement of panels, although it sounds like the repairs were not done to the highest standards.

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      Thank you for your advice

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