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      AvatarAndrew Bagnall

      I purchased a VW Tiguan in Apr 2015. Since day one it has been in for the following faults.
      Load Humming Noise while driving the car, dealership advised the following
      1st visit) Something wrapped around the drive shaft
      2nd visit) wheel bearing replaced.
      3rd visit) wheel bearing replaced.
      4th visit) tyres miss-shaped.

      Electric window on driver and passenger side on either one-touch operation or manual operation occasionally hits the bottom stopper and then on raising the window it is hitting the door seals with a loud clunk.
      1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th visit I have been told this is normal operation. I have never in over 20 years of driving had this happen on a car until now.

      Electric Sunroof rattle, the car has been in twice for this and the 1st they greased it and the second visit replaced something on the roof.

      I have been in touch with the dealership repeatedly, VW UK and VW Finance. I can’t get any help from any of them.

      What are my options?

      Can anyone help me please?

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Andrew. If it was a new car, you should still be under warranty and can keep chasing the dealer or Volkswagen UK until you get a satisfactory resolution.

      If it was a used car, you almost certainly won’t have any warranty protection. You would need to drive a similar age and specification vehicle to see if it has the same issues. None of the problems sound like they are stopping the car from doing its primary job, so rejecting it after two years would be almost impossible.

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      Hi there I am after some advice. 2 yrs ago 2015, I brought a Citroen ds3 from a local car dealer. It was 3 yrs old. I brought it with PCP as I could not afford to buy it out right.
      In October 2016 it broke down so I took it to my local Citroen dealer. After examination I was informed that I needed a new engine. They advised me that I could pay £5000 for a new engine or they could source a reconditioned engine for £3000. Due to my financial circumstances I went for the cheaper option. Jan 2017 I got my car back with the reconditioned engine. I signed to say I agreed that I had 3 months parts only warranty. Over the next 10 weeks I called the garage and took the car in 3 times due to the engine management light coming on and it needing oil refills twice due to it being empty!
      The garage have now informed me that the second engine has failed in my car. They also told me that their warranty had run out from where they brought the engine, so as my warranty is parts only, I would need to pay £900 to have the engine stripped to try and fix it. I can not get my £3000 back. I have £4500 left on finance. The other option they have offered is that they sell the car at auction and give me another car?
      I really am unsure what to do. I have only just spent £3000 on an engine and I am now being told that is just tuff luck??
      Do you have any advice to help?

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        Stuart MassonStuart Masson

        Hi Rachel.

        Two engine failures in the space of six months is certainly unusual, especially on a car that is only five years old.

        I’d be getting a second opinion from another garage before proceeding any further. Clearly there was a problem of sorts with the second engine if it was losing all its oil within 3-4 weeks of a fill.

        Depending on what an independent report suggests, you may need to see a solicitor to assist you in trying to recoup your losses.

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