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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Have you recently been caught out by a speed camera? Here is an easy-to-understand guide on what to expect, what to do and when to do it.


    Have you been caught out by the dreaded Gatso?  Join the discussion below!

    Please note that we are not here to provide advice as to how you can get out of your speeding fine. If you want to dispute a speed camera prosecution or any other fine, you will need to speak to a solicitor who specialises in motoring law. Any suggestions offered by any member of the forum should not be taken as professional legal advice. 

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    I got flashed by a speed camera three weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything yet. Fingers crossed!

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      Laura Wright

      I was going down a bypass on Friday and it confused me as there was another car at the side of me and I saw the camera flash, I hope it wasn’t me as I already have points on my license. Will I be able to take the speed awareness course? HoW long does it usually take for the letter to come?

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    I see that your speeding camera advice is that you must be issued with a NIP within 14 days
    But later on it says for more series offences they have 6 months to lodge papers at court.

    Doest this mean the 14 day NIP does not apply in these cases?

    I rather stupidly passed a camera van and when i saw it was travelling at a speed that would get me a ban but braked hard and was well within the fixed penalty bracket by i passed it.

    I haven’t heard anything yet but am very worried as i need my licence for work.

    Can i start to sleep nights again after 14 days or might it be up to 6 months?


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    I got caught speeding early this year and done the speed awareness course and now I’ve been caught again. does any one know what happens now

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Tony. If you have been caught by the same police department, then you are unlikely to be able to take another awareness course, and will have to pay the fine. If it’s a different police force, you may get away with another course.

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    Hi can anyone advise me I got caught speeding at end of July but received a letter in November ( 3 months and 2 weeks) the vehicle I was driving was a hire van. Is there a time limit? as I can only find the police have 14 days to issue the letter, has the police got a case or are they pushing there luck hoping that there get a payment from the public also the police were in a bus stop which is on a bend so you couldn’t see them until you reached the bend I call this hiding are the police allowed to do this?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    If you were driving a hire van, the police would have sent the letter to the owner of the vehicle, which would have been the hire company. It does seem a long time for them to finally get around to issuing you the fine, but I don’t know what their legal timeframe is. You should seek legal advice if you plan to contest it.

    And yes, as far as I know, they can hide wherever they like. It is your responsibility to drive within the speed limit at all times, so it shouldn’t really matter where they are located to record your speed.

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    Hi if I got court speeding by Evan parked up. Once I get the paperwork through and I fill in I was the driver of the vehicle but do not sign it. Does it make it void and then it’ll be returned asking to sign. I heard if you do this Afew times it’ll just get wiped

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    Hi what happen if i got flashed/speed camera van.
    And before aNy letter I am out of country and back after 2 months.
    So what else i can do , as I cant attend the letter in between 28 days.
    Anything ?

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    Jack Mukasa

    Caught speeding only doing 32 miles per hour in a 30mph zone I normally do this and nothing happens, I thought they give an allowance of upto 4mph, to my surprise this new tall camera flashed me what’s going to happen can I argue it in court in case I get an NIP ?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Any allowance is purely discretionary, and usually applies to incidents where a police officer has caught you. If you’re caught on camera, a police officer never sees the incident and your fine is dished out by a civil servant and a computer in an office block somewhere. Different regions may have different tolerances, but there’s no national policy as far as I know.

    You can’t really argue that you were only breaking the law by a little bit, even if the posted limit was absurdly low for the road and prevailing conditions, so pursuing the matter in court isn’t really advisable. And you can’t really trust your speedometer if you are trying to maintain a speed somewhere over the limit but below the perceived tolerance level, as there’s no guarantee of accuracy (as this article on speedometer accuracy points out).

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    Hi caught doing 46 mph in 40 zone . I have a European licence. How much can be my fine and what about points ? Thanks

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Criss. If you are a UK resident, I think you will probably get the usual fine, but they won’t be able to penalise you in terms of points. However, I’m not sure and someone else can probably advise you better.

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    Hi, I want caught doing 95mph on the A1(M) at the end of January. What is the likely outcome of this? And how long will it take for me to receive my consequence, roughly?

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    I was foolishly going 86mph in a 60mph. I’ve recieved the NIP and have quickly sent it back with details. It is my first offence and have been driving for 5 years. I’ve read that 86 is the threshold for summons and so am preparing myself for the worst. What is the worst case scenario for me? Am I going to be banned? To give you an idea of when I was caught, it was a clear day, almost no cars on the road – will this make any difference? It was out of character for me to be driving at that speed for sure.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      The threshold may well be different for different police forces.

      As for the weather and traffic conditions, it will make absolutely zero difference. It may have done if a cop had physically pulled you over, but policing in this country doesn’t work that way anymore. The camera said you were doing 86 when you should have been doing 60, and that’s that.

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      Just wondered what happened after u recieved your nip? Ive foolishly done the same thing rushing to visit a ill relative in hospital, i was doing 85mph.Im frightened i will lose my license. Please let me know.


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    So I stupidly thought I could avoid a fixed speed camera by going onto the other side of the road (the markings were in one lane). I was only doing 40 in a 30 and will happily pay the speeding fine because I was over the limit, but what would be the consequences of being on the wrong side? I was passing a parked car and gave it a bit too much room so dont know how this will be viewed.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    I don’t imagine it will be a problem unless there were solid centre lines meaning you are not allowed to cross over. And even then, I’m not sure if they can do anything about that as it’s not a police officer that reviews the photographs, simply a civil servant with no powers beyond processing the speeding fine.

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    A new Truvelo camera has been installed on a route I only use occasionally. The lines on the road are no more than 10 metres inside the 30 sign and the camera 20 metres beyond. The preceding limit is 40. I know that, technically, you should reduce speed before the 30 sign, but is this close proximity reasonable, or legal? I went through it at about 36 today, so won’t know for 14 days if it “Got” me.

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    I was doing 36 in a 30 zone , when I notice a mobile camera can but it was parked on the opposite side of the road facing traffic coming towards. Will the van have picked up my speed? If so will this come under the 14 days to serve me with the papers ?

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    Barrie Low

    I have received my NIP with a postmark of 29/4/15 with an alleged offence date of 12/4/15 for doing 42 in a 30 zone. Can I get out of my speeding fine? And how do I go about it?

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    Can a mobile speed van parked on a Dual Carriage way (70mph) with a central reservation camera you on the opposite carriageway through the front windscreen ..?

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    Vali Patel

    I have received a notice to prosecute which was spotted by a speed camera. On checking the photograph and the calibration certificate of camera I notice that camera has no reference number which relates to the certificate provided. I have no way to establish that the calibration certificate provided was the same camera which was used to check my speed.
    How do I establish that the certificate provided is the same camera which measured my speed.

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    Hi, I was doing about 79-80 on a dual carriage way today (usually a 70mph) and passed a speed camera van
    I didn’t notice it until last minute so I only braked as it was too late!
    Iv heard a lot that you can do up to 79?

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    I have just received a speeding fine (its a fair cop, guv), at my parents address in the UK. i live in Italy and have an Italian licence. Is there an alternative to my parenst sending me the letter for me to complete and return within 28 days? Thanks

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    I was caught by a truvelo camera on the A14 at Bythorn Last October 08/10/2014. That is the date of the alleged offence. The Vehicle a Transit Van. I was sent an NIP dated 24/11/2014. Now I know it being a hired vehicle they would have to send the original NIP to the Hirer, Who in their wisdom decided to send me an invoice for administration costs for filling in the form, with it came a copy of the Original NIP which was issued on the 30/11/2014. some 22 days after the alleged offence. am I right in thinking that this NIP would be time barred as it was issued outside of the 14 days allowed.



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    Hi, I was doing about 79-80 on a dual carriage way today (usually a 70mph) and passed a speed camera van
    I didn’t notice it until last minute so I only braked as it was too late!
    Iv heard a lot that you can do up to 79?

    Hi, I was doing about 79-80 on a dual carriage way today (usually a 70mph) and passed a speed camera van
    I didn’t notice it until last minute so I only braked as it was too late!
    Iv heard a lot that you can do up to 79?

    There is normally a tolerance of 10% + 2 which would give up to 79mph but that is the starting point so expect a ticket.


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    Hi, I got caught speeding and received my NIP, it had the option to apply for a speed awareness course. Does this mean that I will be able to go on one or that they can still say no? Also it’s day 23 now since getting my NIP and I still haven’t heard back from them with regards to the course so if they say no and by then I am outside of the time limit will I receive the £1000 fine or a fixed penalty?

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    Hi, I may have been caught doing 42 in a 30, will I get fined with points or will I have to attend court?

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    I got flashed going towards this camera today on the A1 near Eyemouth:


    I was traveling towards the camera and it flashed in my face, my understanding is that this particular camera is a Gatso and is not meant to catch motorists going towards it.

    Secondly I am 95% certain my cruise control was set to 60mph so I am assuming it was a faulty flash. There is a nagging that I may have had it set to 70 from a previous section of dual carriage way, hence the question, can this type of camera catch cars speeding towards it?


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    Craig Tattersall


    I was caught by a variable speed camera southbound on the M1, I believe it was 50MPH and I was caught doing 61MPH.

    I was slowing down as I seen the signs but obviously not quick enough.
    I’m annoyed that there were no roadworks or general workforce around the area, traffic was flowing smoothly with no hold ups or any reason for traffic calming measures.

    Do I have a case?



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    Hi I want to know if speed cameras catch cars on the other side if the road plz let me know and also, I was doing like 32 on a 3o mph road and the camera flashed on the other side of the road.

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    hi hope keeping good
    i bought the car on 1st of july by a car trader.
    did temp insurance and the car ownership was changed on 1stof july aswell.
    on 4th of july i was coming from lewisham way to newcross road where the new speed camreas r been placed few weeks ago the speed limit was 30 and m preety confident that i was about between 31 to 34 mph as ma speedo meter niddle was minorlly up suddenlly camera flashes towice just wanna know till when i get the nip or if it late like i mentioned that i just register car on ma name.
    so it might go to previous owner.
    and if i got the nip would they offer me a speed awareness course or not

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      If the DVLA has not updated the ownership details, then any fine would go to the previous keeper. They will have to declare that they no longer own the vehicle and have the fine redirected to you.

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    Hi, please could you advise? I was flashed by the speed camera at Billinghurst on the 13th July at 11pm yet have not received an NIP as yet.
    I was lost on my way home from Gatwick sadly with a seven year old and panicking was not the word!!
    I would like to start sleeping properly as am worrying myself silly.
    Any advice greatly received thank you in advance from Rachel.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Rachel. You’re either going to get a fine or you’re not. Either way, it’s not really worth losing sleep over.

      If you haven’t received the NIP, and assuming that your V5 address details are all up to date, you may not get one at all.

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    Hello, I have got a NIP for doing 84 in 70 mile zone/ dual carriageway on A15. I have recently attended speeding offence course and foolishly its my second offence. Letter says obligatory 6 points and £1000 or £2500 on motorway. This is huge money, can I do something to help in this?

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Well, I’d try not speeding or by your third offence you will be bankrupt…

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      If the vehicle is registered to you and your V5 at the DVLA is upto date you will or should receive an NIP in the post within 14 days of the alleged offence. If you receive an NIP you must fill in the name of the driver, or you will be charged with failing to furnish and that carries a penalty of 6 points + £ 650 fine i9f you are allowed to plea by post but it will probably be dealt with in your absence so court charges will apply plus a victim surcharge it may well end up costing you approx £1400 + 6 ponts.

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    I got caught by a manned camera doing 35 then a week later doing 40 in a 30 zone in the same place.
    I had only recieved a letter for the first offence last week and the 2nd today.
    What does this mean for me?
    I went to a workshop for doing 35 in a 30 about 5 years ago.
    I feel so ashamed and angry at myself.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Well it means you’re going to get a couple of fines, a bundle of points and probably a hefty increase in your insurance premium.

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      Hi Adam,
      Only just caught up with you on this one.
      So you were caught twice, The first one will probably be the offer of an SAC, but the second one will definately be 3 points + £ 100 fine. If you get these offers take them it will be your cheapest option.


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    Hi stuart, Basically I was driving in the morning through London coming back from night work, when a speed camera flashed me. I was travelling just under 40 in a 30. literally 30 seconds later I entered a tunnel and the exact same thing happened.(travelling around the same speed I was not thinking as I was stressed out from the first camera). my QUESTION is will this count as 6 points or is it possible they will make it into a single offence as it happened within 30 seconds of one and the other. as well I have only been driving for 8 months, so I am guessing my licence will be revoked if it is 2 separate offences . if this is the case do I lose any chance of obtaining my 1 years NCB even if I let me insurance run until the end of December.
    thanks. any input would be very appreciated.( I am very worried)

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      You say that you got flashed but you were then too “stressed out” to slow down??? Good luck explaining that to a judge.

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      You are right about the six points, however have you received the NIPs yet. They may make an issue out of this being flashed twice in about a minute. It tells them you have a blatant disregard for their cameras and speed limits.
      You may go straight to court on this, and may be considered for a six month ban.
      Lets just hope they send you the NIPs so you can plea through them.
      If however you have no previous you may just get away with an SAC for the first and 3 points + £100 fine for the second. They only normally give out SACs at their discretion. but if you are offered this way out take it.
      If it goes this way it should not affect your insurance much.

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    They should be considered as the same offence in my opinion.
    If you slowed to the speed limit then accelerated to above it again then you would have committed the offence twice (technically)
    But if you stayed at that speed then you were just caught twice doing the same thing so one offence?
    Rather like being caught for say stealing, if you were caught twice its still only the one offence so if they do try and class it as two then i would go to court and argue the point as its a no brainer in my opinion.

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      Mac ,
      That is stupid advice, You cannot compare stealing to speeding. Stealing from a shop does not kill anybody speeding does. How stupid to suggest that stealing twice is the same offence , It may well be in the same shop. But speeding past 2 cameras is a totally different kettle of fish.
      Plus taking it to court on your advise would definately get him six points maybe more and a ban or revoke of his licence. not counting the court costs , fine, plus victim surcharge, he would be looking at about £ 1800 .
      If you have nothing constructive to say then keep quiet.

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    Hi, my partner was caught speeding in my car. I was sent the letter, stated that it wasn’t me and gave his details, then sent it off same day. That was two weeks ago and we’ve both not heard anything yet. How long do they usually take? Is there any number I could call to check things? He is a named driver on my insurance and I have informed them.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Hannah. You could try contacting the police force that issued the fine for advice.

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      Hi Hannah,
      Please post on here what speed did the NIP allege you were doing and what was the limit?.
      You did right in replying to the NIP and naming the driver, BUT did you sign it. did you send it back within the time limit given. What was the date of the alleged offence?.
      If you were within the time limit in sending it in, they have plenty of time to reply or send the named driver an NIP. normally about two weeks.
      If however there is something wrong they may just drop it and not bother informing you. They do however have up to six months to present it before a court if they think the alleged offence deserved it.
      Now if your named driver get an NIP he should ask on here noting the speed of the alleged offence and what limit he was in.
      If he has not already done an SAC he may be offered one, if not it will be 3point + £100 fine.

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    I have been caught doing 60 in a temporary 50, 10 mins later I have been clocked again but wasn’t aware that it was a temp 50, will the fact that it was very early in the morning and there was no road works happening in the temp zone be taken into account.

    Will I be able to get this as 1 fine?

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    You can travel a long way at 60mph in ten minutes, it will more than likely to be two separate NIPs. They normally measure between two set camera’s not through the whole restricted zone. so I’m afraid you could be looking at two lots of points, unless you get offered a speed awareness course for the first alleged offence at a cost of approx £85 to 100 and four hrs of possible drivel, but no points. The second would be a fixed penalty + 3 points. This scenario will only happen if you have not attended a course over the last 3 years. It would be your cheapest option.
    average speed cameras are pretty accurate so defending against it would be very expensive indeed.

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    I was travelling at 35mph in a 30mph zone when I saw the speed camera van in the distance and braked in good time. There was a car between me and camera. Will van still have detected my speed before I braked?

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    Hi Marie,
    A lot will depend on how far away you were when you spotted the camera van.
    When you say there was a car in between you and the camera van, how far behind it was you and were you travelling so fast that you were catching it up. I ask this because normally the operator will only target a vehicle if he suspects it to be breaking the speed limit. So if the car in front of you was speeding he may have targeted that one first. but if it was not then he may have targeted you.
    You will have to wait now for about two or three weeks to see if you are issued with an NIP. If you are or do receive an NIP ( notice of intended prosecution ),
    make a note of the date you receive it and also the date of issue, plus keep the envelope it came in. They have by law only 14 days in which to issue you an NIP, that is why i ask you to keep the envelope which would prove date of posting, if it was posted lets say on the 13th day after the date of the alleged offence the NIP could be invalid as it would not be expected to be in your possession until after the 14th day, and would therefore be time barred, that is assuming you are the registered keeper / owner of the vehicle and it is not hired from a lease company.

    Also another question is? have you moved house recently, and have changed all the relevant documents with your new address on. The reason being that any summons or NIP could be delivered to your old address and you would not know if they existed.
    Best wait to see if anything arrives, you may not receive anything due to you braking quickly,

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      Marie you never got back to this site about your speeding, I assume you have gotten away with it.


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    I passed a speed van on the A75 doing around 70. The car was recently bought from a trader. It was insured and I had taxed it on the new keeper supplement. The trader gave me the V5c to fill out and send off but I haven’t yet posted it. What happens here please? Steven

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    `1st of all, what was the speed limit of the road you were on.

    Assuming you have been pinged by the camera, you will probably receive an NIP ( notice of intended prosecution ), You will probably not receive this until about 2 to 3 weeks, because as you have said, you have only recently purchased the vehicle, and you have not sent in your V5c form notifying the DVLA that you are now the owner/keeper of the vehicle.
    You may now have further problems in as much as, the vehicle not being taxed for the road, also your insurance will come under scrutiny, by MIB, and DVLA, + the police, so you need to get your V5c sorted asap, + tax your vehicle.
    Now back to the speeding. If the limit of the road was 40mph, and you were scanned at around 70mph, then you will definately not be offered a SAC ( speed awareness course ). They may decide to directly summon you to a court appearance, but this will only happen if and when the trader you purchased the vehicle off receives an NIP, but he may well not, because he does not have to register the vehicle with the DVLA. No the NIP will be directed to the last owner as is logged with the DVLA. Only when the last owner receives the NIP they will then fill in the disclosure section stating that they no longer are the owner/keeper of the vehicle, and that it is now in the hands of the trader, who will then receive their copy of the NIP, and they will fill in the section stating that the vehicle was sold to you, on such date it was sold, they will have sent in their section of the V5c form declaring that you are now the new owner/keeper, so you will then receive your own NIP, which will contain within it a declaration form noted S172, this part must be filled in, but you will have 28 days in which to do this, so do not rush it , take time to think about it and then come back here and let us know what you are alleged to have done.
    We can then advise you further. But as it stands at the moment 70, in 40, will probably see a court appearance, six point and a £250, fine + court costs, of £250, + victim surcharge 20% so you are looking at a possible £ £ 1, 100, minus 30% for a guilty plea, + 20% victim surcharge. A very expensive 30mph.
    Report back as soon as you receive anything.

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      It was a 60mph and I was doing 70mph max. The vehicle was taxed online using the new keeper supplement and I have now sent away the v5c. Fingers crossed!

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    Hi I was doing 34mph on 30mph on A46 Cheltenham by Ashchurch village and suddenly I saw flashing sign for 30mph with a normal security camera on it facing me i have never seen this type of camera before there was no flash but I am worried about can you please help me with

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    Hi there,

    About 3 years ago I was caught doing 37 in a 30 zone by a mobile van, was sent the paperwork asking for the driver details, then few weeks later I heard back offering me a course and a £60 fine.

    Well stupidly I was going through depression at the time and threw it away and didn’t send anything back to them.

    3 years on and I’ve still not heard anything, do I risk contacting them or just wait it out


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    Hi Jane,
    Do not contact anyone, as it is too late now to try and change anything.
    Assuming that they followed up with no reply they have probably dealt with it in your absence at a local court.
    The question is have you moved house since the alleged incident?, if so you have not received the summons or fine if it was dealt with in your absence. If you have not moved and still live at the same address when the incident occurred, then it has not been followed up, and was probably dropped.
    When offered a course you normally only have about 4 weeks to enrol on the course. if you fail to do that it is then normally a fixed penalty of £100 + 3 points.
    It sometimes ends up at the local magistrates, where you would have been sent a Requisition Notice to appear at a date appointed by them.
    However they only have six months from the date of the alleged offence to place before the courts. If they have failed this then you will not hear anything more.
    To be sure it has not been dealt with in your absence and any points and fine you would have received just go to the DVLA site and log in your driving licence number and it will show if you have been awarded any points and fine.
    What ever you do do not contact your local police or speed camera unit, you will only open a can of worms.
    PS: If the DVLA shows you have no pints and fine, you have gotten away with it, just don’t jog memories.
    Let me know how you get on.

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    Thank you monty, reading that has just gave me a lot of reassurance.

    I’m still at the same address and no points have been issued to me via dvla so looks ok

    Thanks again

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      Hi Jane,
      I’m glad to hear it.
      The procedure is when caught by a camera, you normally receive an NIP, within 14 days of the alleged offence, should it happen again, always check the date of issue on the form, plus also check the date of delivery, ie: the postmark on the envelope it came in, because if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle it will be sent direct to you. If the postmark is the date/ day before the 14th day then delivery is late and the NIP would be void, because it is not reasonable for you to receive it within the 14 days allowed, so in theory it is time barred. However always fill in the form naming the driver, because failing to do this would be a separate offence namely failing to furnish, which carries a penalty of 6 points and a £750 fine + court charges of £560, + victim surcharge of 20%. so you would be looking at somewhere in the region of £1,400. So always fill it in, but do not rush to do this because you have 28 days in which to reply. Always seek advise first.
      If it is outside of the 14 days, fill in the s172 section, naming the driver but send it back on about the 25th day by first class post and also get proof of posting from the post office, this is free, always make copies, and keep safe for reference later. When they reply they normally send you an offer of a fixed penalty & points or a speed awareness course ( SAC ). you normally have 4 weeks to book the course so send them a note explaining that the NIP arrived after the due date and you believe it to be time barred,. If you should do this the offer of a course may be recinded,so be careful. But there would be every chance that they will reply saying no further action will be taken because of lack of evidence.It may not work all the time but it mostly does.
      Anyway I am glad to be of help.
      Happy motoring and keep the foot off.

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    Hi Monty

    I have received a letter stating I must identify a driver doing 36mph in a 30mph zone. Me and my mother both drive my car, both have clean licenses and both are Ok to do a course however we also both had access to the car at the particular time and being truthful, I really am not sure who had it when the ticket was issued.

    I logged into view evidence of the allegation and the photo is terrible, you cannot see any marking on the reg as it is so blurry nevermind a full registration plate, it is literally a white blur.

    I asked them to send further evidence to which they stated ‘I can advise that the alleged offence was captured by one of our mobile units as a video- unfortunately the screencaps that have been provided do not show the vehicle reg.

    Having watched the entire video, however, I can advise that the plate is clearly visible’

    Is this common? Are they trying to bluff me into accepting? I’m not really sure what to do as this could be anyone car nevermind it actually being mine!

    Hope u can help me

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    Hi Mark,
    Having read your request, I would like to know, Who watched the video, you or them.

    I’m assuming you have received an NIP, WHEN?. date please.
    Time and date of alleged offence?,
    Time and date of NIP issued?,
    Date stamp on envelope, + date received ?.
    Do you own the vehicle or is it on lease hire?,
    Are you the registered keeper of the vehicle?.
    The speed cameras work on a 10% + 2, which means 35 is the starting point.
    You say you have seen a picture, was it online or did they send you a copy.
    You asked for evidence, do not do that, they are not obliged to send you anything, do not ask for evidence. What you ask for is assistance.
    Right: As the registered keeper you are obliged by law to fill in the s172 section which asks you to name the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence.
    Failure to do this will render you to a charge of failing to furnish, an MS90 which will affect your insurance for the next 5 years should you be found guilty of this offence, so you must fill in this section at all costs. It is perfectly OK to name yourself at this stage.
    When you have done that send it with an accompanying letter asking for two pictures from the dvd to assist you in identifying the driver of the vehicle. They are not obliged to but normally do. This will assist you in identifying that it was your vehicle and not someone elses., from the pictures you may then be able to identify the driver. At this stage point out that you have named yourself to avoid any further charges but you need the pictures to help identify the driver. Also ask if the site used was approved and was correctly signed, you also need to see the CPC of the operator and that the equipment used was set up in accordance within the regulations, in order for you to respond correctly.
    Remember that you have 29 days from receipt of the NIP to reply so do not rush it think carefully about it first.
    Let me know what their reply is. They may well just drop it if the pictures are not very conclusive.

  • #86163 Reply

    Correction, 28 days.

  • #86281 Reply


    If flashed by a speed-camera from behind will the photos ever show who was driving?

    • #86283 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Lizzy. No, the notice for any speed camera fine (regardless of whether the photo was taken from in front or behind) is sent to the registered keeper as listed on the car’s V5.

      If the keeper was not driving, it is their responsibility to notify the police as to who was driving.

    • #86359 Reply


      Thank you Stuart. I was also wondering about whether the photos, if the camera flashed from behind the car, ever manage to show the driver, in order to assist the registered driver with who was driving, if they are unsure? Or if the camera flashed from behind, whether all it captures is the back of the car and the number plate?

  • #86360 Reply

    Hi Lizzy,
    It’s virtually impossible to see who was driving the vehicle, if the camera flashed you from behind, however it does not stop you from requesting a couple of pictures to help / assist you, you are entitled to ask.

    However if you have received an NIP, for the alleged offence of speeding, attached in that NIP will be a section 172, which requires you to name the driver of the vehicle, on the date and time of the alleged offence. Whatever you do you must fill that section in naming a driver, whether it was the keeper of the vehicle or someone else. If you do not send that information to them you will find that you will as the keeper of the vehicle, be charged with failure to furnish which carries a fine of approx £760. plus 6 points on your licence, which will come under the badge of MS90, and that will affect your insurance for the next 5 years.

    If and when you do send the notice back you then send with it an accompanying letter asking for A couple of photos to see if you can confirm who was driving , because you are unsure who may have been driving at that time, and that you have named yourself to avoid being charged with the failure to furnish,

    Wait then to see if they then send you the pictures, so you yourself can then check.
    They may just send you a form of fixed penalty charge of £100 + 3 points, or offer you a speed awareness course which normally costs £85 to £100, but no points. If you receive such an offer take it up because that would be your cheapest option. It is basically done at a location near you for about 4 hours on a Saturday morning.

    Best of Luck, Monty.

  • #86462 Reply

    Bill Muirhead

    Just looking for a little bit of advice.
    I have received a NIP saying I was doing 38 in a 30
    I have written to them requesting the photographic evidence and they have sent me a picture obviously of my registration which is correct and then 4 brake lights and absolutely no evidence of the make of the cat you just can’t see anything just these 4 brake lights I can’t say who the driver was because I can’t tell if it is my car……would I have a chance in court
    Thank You in advance for any suggestions that you may have

  • #86469 Reply

    Hi Bill,

    Monty here, Just a few questions before we start on your alleged offence.

    Was it you driving the vehicle?.
    Is the vehicle registered to you, ( are you the keeper of the vehicle ) ?.
    Was the speed detection by a fixed camera or a mobile unit?.
    What was the date & time of the alleged offence?.
    What date did the NIP arrive at your residence?.
    What is the post date on the envelope the NIP arrived in?.

    Right now, you say that on the picture you have received, only shows the number plate and brake lights of the vehicle. I’m afraid that is all that is required for them to send an NIP to the registered keeper of that vehicle.
    It is then up to the keeper of the vehicle to name the driver of the vehicle under section 172. This must be done by law, within the 28 days given, failure to do this would render the keeper of the vehicle to a charge of failing to furnish, which is a criminal offence, and carries a minimum penalty of 6 points, and a fine of & £750. plus costs, which can amount to approx £1,400. It also carries an MS90 penalty mark which can also affect your insurance for the next 5 years. So what ever you decide you must return the NIP within the 28 days, naming the driver of the vehicle at the time and date of the alleged offence. You can ask for a couple of pictures to assist you in identifying the driver but this is virtually impossible if the picture was taken by a Gatso camera of the rear of the vehicle, any way this would not aid you in any way.
    However, may I ask if you have been convicted of a speeding offence in the last 3 years, or any other motoring offence. If you haven’t then the speeding ticket office who sent the NIP may offer you a speed awareness course, which would cost approx £85 to £100, depending on the area. This would be approx 4 hours of lecturing on he dangers of speeding, normally on a Saturday morning, but no points would be put on your licence. This is the cheapest option normally offered. The other options, are to accept a fixed penalty of 3 points & £100 fine. No court appearance necessary.

    The other option, is to plea not guilty, which would then be a court appearance to argue your case of not guilty. If at this juncture you then found guilty, the penalty could be 3 or more points on your licence, plus a fine of £460 + Court costs £ 250. & a victim surcharge of approx 20%. Total of approx £750.
    Hope this will help you in your decision. but please reply if you have anything more to add.
    All the best Monty.

  • #86722 Reply


    Does speed cameras and normal cameras ever take picture of the face of the driver when speeding?

  • #86885 Reply

    Hi Johnny,

    Your question?, Do speed cameras take pictures of the face of the driver?.

    Well a lot depends on what type of camera it was or is.

    Truvelo cameras do take pictures of oncoming vehicles, but they are mainly set up to capture the registration of the vehicle and what type and colour, because at that point it is only the vehicle they are interested in, the rest comes later, when the Registered keeper is notified of an offence, within 14 days of the alleged offence.

    The Registered keeper then, if they were not driving at the time and date of the alleged offence has to by Law s172 name the driver of the said vehicle, if they do not, they face a charge of failure to furnish, which means an appearance at court and if found guilty, face a fine of approx, £760. + 6 points on their licence, + courts costs of approx £650, + 20% surcharge, minus 30% for a guilty plea.
    So Fine £760 +20% – 30% for guilty plea,= £640 + £650 = £1,290.00 + 6points Or a ban if totting up takes them above 12 points. It also carries a MS90 signature which would affect you insurance premium for the next 5 years.

    Mobile camera’s also take dvd video, footage of oncoming traffic and from the rear for traffic travelling the opposite way. These can and most times capture an image of the driver of the offending vehicle.

    The outcome will be the same if proven guilty, except should the driver be named a Notice of Intended Prosecution will be issued, which carries the same section172, which asks for the driver to be named of the alleged offence.
    Where the driver is named they will receive their own NIP, where normally they will be offered CoFP, a fixed penalty, normally about £100 + 3 points if the offence is within 40% of the speed limit broken, so speed limit 30 mph would mean 42 mph, anything above that could be considered as driving without due care and attention, which carries a stiffer penalty, so a request to appear at court would be the norm.

    The ticket office which issues the NIP, and receives back a plea of guilty, the offending driver can be offered a speed awareness course, if they have not been to one before, and if they have, can attend one if it was more than 3 years before the alleged offence, which would cost normally between £80 & £100, and no points on licence, or plea guilty on NIP a fixed penalty of £100. + 3 points, with no court attendance, but you will have to submit your licence to the issuing ticket office with the fine payment.
    But in a nutshell it is possible to identify the driver of a vehicle most times by a mobile camera enforcing oncoming traffic. Truvelo camera’s would be a little more difficult.

  • #87073 Reply


    Good morning

    This is my first time posting on the site and I have been reading the issues of other posters and hope someone can advise regarding my situation?

    I purchased a used car on 25th January 2016 and a few hours after I left the dealership I went through a red light. I cannot believe I did this as I have had a clean license since I passed 9 years ago and never committed a driving offence before. I cannot be completely sure but I think I was flashed by a camera. It happened at a junction just off the M1 and having been back to the area there is a large yellow box next to the traffic lights.

    I am wondering what I should be expecting in this scenario? Ordinarily an NIP would arrive within a few weeks but as I had only taken ownership of the car a few hours earlier, I would not have expected the DVLA to have updated its records about the registered owner at the time the offence was committed.

    I am concerned the NIP is going to be sent around the houses and not reach me for months or possibly not even reach me at all and yet I will still be prosecuted even if I don’t receive the letter.

    The anticipation is actually causing me stress and giving me sleepless nights! I am hoping someone can offer some advice?

    Thank you in advance,


  • #87074 Reply

    Hi Sue,
    Yes ordinarily you would receive an NIP in the post, but in your circumstances you are right, the vehicle has probably not yet been updated, so the first NIP will go to the previous owner, who will fill in the s172 section, accompanied by a letter giving the date they sold the vehicle to the dealership, who does not have to register the vehicle, who in turn receive their NIP, they will do the same as previous owner, and send it back to the ticket office, naming you as the new owner, but they should have by then sent in the tag naming the new owner to the DVLA. However this will only happen if an NIP is sent out, which nobody knows yet, as it is only a week since you claim to have done this misdeed, assuming it was you that did it. The camera flashing may not have been for you, but for someone else you don’t know that yet.

    You say that you went through a yellow box junction. Were you trapped / stopped in that yellow box, or were you speeding through it?, causing the camera to flash, no one knows yet. I know it can be stressful, but at the moment there is nothing you or anyone can do except wait. It could take up to two possibly three months, providing that the first NIP is sent out within 14 days of the alleged offence to the previous owner, but you won’t know that and unless you know the previous owner has received one and on what date. You will just have to wait. The 14 day rule only applies to the first NIP, after that the police have to trace the new owner within six months in order to issue an NIP to you , the new owner, or place before a court.
    But if they do not known the new owner then it cannot be continued, because they will not know who the driver of the vehicle was.

    Should the worst scenario occur, and you get issued with an NIP, you will have 28 days in which to reply. By that I mean you must cause it to be delivered to them within that 28 days, filling in the s172 section, naming the driver. Failure to do this would render you to a charge of failing to furnish, ie: ( give information as to the driver of the vehicle at the time and date of the alleged offence ). Failure to do this carries a penalty of six points on the owners licence + a fine of approx £760 + court costs. This would also affect your insurance for the next 5 years under MS90 section.
    If you reply within the 28days, admitting you were the driver you may be offered an awareness course on safe driving, or alernatively a fixed penalty of £100 + 3 points. The choice would be yours.
    An Awareness course would probably cost you £80 to £100 depending on the area, which is a lecture on safe driving for about 4 hours, usually on a Saturday Morning, at a centre near to you, ( your choice ), but no penalty points, which would be your cheapest option, should you be charged, the other alternative is 3 points and a fixed penalty of £100. No record and would not affect your insurance.
    So at the moment you will have just sit and wait.

    I hope this helps in some way, Yours Monty.

  • #87886 Reply

    To all of you out there. an NIP, is a ( Notice of intended Prosecution ), it is not a fine.
    The notice is what it says, all they are asking is for the recipiant to name the driver at the date and time of an alleged offence. The NIP is sent to the Registered Keeper of the vehicle, because all they have is the registration of the vehicle, so therefore they do not know who was driving it. Now the Registered Keeper has an obligation under section 172 to name the driver, ( in which they have 28 days ) to do so. Failing to do this will be in breach of the said s172 and the keeper of the vehicle will be open to prosecution of failure to furnish, and most likely an appearance in court to defend it. Failing to defend it will result in a penalty of 6 points on their licence and a fine of £760, and upward to £1,000, or a ban under the totting up procedure should they have 6 or more points already on their licence.
    So on receiving an NIP it is of the utmost importance that it be replied to within the 28 days, now by sending it on the 28th day you will not escape the s172, but send it on the 25th day should see you clear but always get a proof of sending from your post office counter, as they can sometimes get lost in administration.
    So now the registered keeper has filled out the NIP, naming the driver. The person now so named on the NIP if different from the keeper will receive their own NIP. Now remember up to this point no one has been charged with the alleged offence of speeding, so take your time and think about it because now the named person has 28 days to reply, and if they feel so inclined get legal advice on the alleged offence.
    The first thing to do if you are not sure, is to write to the ticket office and request a couple of pictures in order to help you with identification of the driver or vehicle in question, ( DO NOT MENTION THE WORD EVIDENCE ), as they are not obliged to send you anything. They may send you some pictures or may decline, so don’t be put off by it. Which ever way you proceed you must fill in the NIP section naming the driver within the time allotted, or the named driver will receive a summons for failure to furnish under s172, and be open to the same penalty as the aforesaid keeper. 6 points and a fine. You can return your NIP with an attached letter explaining the reason why you were speeding but be careful what you put in it.( Don’t say you were not doing the speed recorded ) ie: 40 in a 30. Do not say you were only doing 32, because you would have just shot yourself in the foot, because the limit was 30., you can say you were doing 30 or less, but then that will only be your word against the camera.
    What you will then receive is a conditional offer of a fixed penalty, (CoFP ).
    This will normally give you 4 choices, (1). the offer of a Speed Awareness Course, (SAC), (2). A fixed penalty of £100. + 3 points. (3). Plead guilty by post which will offer the same as 2. (4). Plead not guilty and an appearance in court to defend the allegation, and if found guilty A fine of £100 + 3 points, + court costs, about £620, + Victim surcharge approx 20% of fine £ 20.
    So there you have it. The choice is yours. That is the general format of a NIP. when caught on camera.

  • #87890 Reply

    Hi everybody I’m back.

    Now we have covered what happens if you receive an NIP, in the post.

    Now we can concentrate on a penalty imposed in your absence.

    There will be times when you have either just moved residence or changed your vehicle, or even if you have hired a vehicle. In other words you were not the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time of an alleged offence.
    In this scenario, you will either receive an NIP possibly months after the alleged offence, so without knowing the date of the original NIP issued you do not have a defence of a late NIP, or a time barred NIP. Under these circumstances the person who without them knowing can and will be tried at a court in their absence, and will be charged basically under s172. ( failure to furnish ), of which you know the consequences 6 points + large fine & costs. So at some later date you may receive through the post a demand for payment of a fine, of which you know nothing about until you contact the court that has issued the fine, then you be be told what it is for and why. You then argue with the court that you did not know about it. The reply normally is ( tough it’s up to you to know ). So what can we do about it. Well when you consider that the fine and penalty points may render you unable to drive because you may have been banned from driving under the totting up, you leave yourself open to driving whilst disqualified, and you did not know, so it is imperative that you check with the DVLA regularly if you have any unwanted points, especially if you suspect that you may have been caught speeding by a camera and have heard nothing.
    To check with the DVLA, all you have to do is log on to the DVLA site ( if you have a computer ), Enter your driving licence number, it may also ask for your NI number, this is so that they can verify who you are. If all is correct it will show you the status of your driving licence ( ie: if you have been banned or how many points you have ). If you find that you have points and are not aware of them, you can contact the DVLA, and ask why the points are on there and what for, they will then give you the information, you require. Date , Time, Offence. if you disagree with this or not sure of it, you can then contact the court and ask them, pointing out the fact that this is first and only time you have found this out, and therefore ask for Statutory Declaration to be imposed which will or should render the penalty void until such a re-arranged hearing can be held. The best way to do this is not to ask the court, because all they will do is re-open the case, which is of no benefit to you because the penalty will still stand. What you can do is go to a local Solicitor and ask them to issue a Statutory Declaration, on your behalf, it is a small fee of around £5 to £10, this is either by letter or E-mail. This will put a halt to any conviction, until such time the case is re-heard. In other words it puts the charge back to square one, which in some cases means that you have not been driving whilst disqualified, or have excess points on your licence.
    Once you have been granted this Declaration you then have the opportunity to defend against the charge, which would probably be failure to furnish, which carries 6 points + a large fine. When you are then given a court date, you turn up at the court early and seek out the prosecutor, an usher of the court, these are people dressed in a black robe rushing around trying to organise things. They should be able to point you to the prosecutor who is presenting your case. You then approach the prosecutor, and ask what charges there are. If they say you are charged with failing an s172, ask what the underlying charge is, which will normally be speeding. You then ask them if they drop the s172, you will plead guilty to the speeding, they then will normally accept this, so as to save time and cut costs, so the charge will be then for speeding instead of failure to furnish. it will then revert back to a fixed penalty & 3 points, or what ever the charge demanded. You have therefore saved yourself 3 points and a hefty fine. This does work and the CPS are only too glad to accept this as it saves them and the magistrates time and costs. Also you will not incur court costs, just a fixed penalty and points, you won’t however be offered a course because the court cannot offer that.
    I hope you all find this useful..
    Happy Motoring, MONTY.

  • #88139 Reply



    I was caught doing 52mph in a 40mph zone. I have previously attended a driver alertness course in the last two years. What is the likely punishment?



    • #88141 Reply

      Hi mark,

      The date & time of alleged offence please,

      You will normally receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution of the alleged offence of speeding in the post within 14 days, if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. This may take longer if if the vehicle was a hire vehicle or a company vehicle, If it is a hired or company vehicle then the first NIP with go to the relevant people, whereas they will nominate you as the driver, and subsequently you will then receive an NIP.
      If you are the registered keeper and driver of the vehicle, and you receive the first NIP please check the issue date and also check the date of posting on the envelope, as these dates can prove to be important should it be a late arrival.
      If every thing is within the time limits, then you should proceed to fill out the relevant sections on the NIP form, you will have 28 days from the posting of the NIP in which to answer. If you wish to see photographs of the alleged offence, you can ask for 2 pictures to assist in identifying the driver. ( Do not ask for evidence) they will not send you anything, as they are not obliged to.) Again do not use the word evidence.
      The likely out come will be CoFP, a ( conditional offer of a fixed penalty ), which will be 3 points on your licence, and a fine of £100. This will be the best offer to take, and will mean no court appearance. All is done via post.

  • #88175 Reply


    got a NIP.
    CAr was being driven by an employee, who was on the insurance docs.
    the insurance company never asked for his driving licence details
    I want to send the NIP back naming the driver, but it asks for his drivers licence number, which I don’t have.
    What shall i do?

  • #88186 Reply

    So James you employed someone, Allowed him/her to drive a company vehicle and you never took the driver licence Number.
    That’s a bit silly. So now you say he/she was on the insurance Documents, how do you know if you don’t have the driver licence number. You would have to give the Insurance those details to be able to put them on the Insurance, otherwise they are not insured, ( ie: Not named ).
    The only answer I can really give you without breaking any laws. Is to fill out the NIP / s172 section. By naming whoever it was driving. you don’t have the driver licence number so you cannot give it, but surely you must have their address, so put in the address also and send it off.
    If the ticket office come back to you demanding the driver licence number and you cannot give it, how are you going to explain that. That could possibly leave you open to letting a known person drive a vehicle whilst uninsured, so you will now be digging a deeper hole for yourself. You know the old saying, ( if you are in a hole STOP DIGGING ). So be honest and up front.
    So from the date on the NIP, or from the date of receipt, you have 28 days to reply. So if I was you, get hold of the driver licence number as soon as possible.
    Or you could face a very serious offence yourself.
    If you fail to do this and do not reply to the notice, you will be charged, as the keeper of the vehicle, of “failure to furnish”, which will demand an appearance in court.
    If it goes this way.
    There is a possibility you could be charged for both offences, the speeding offence, which may be difficult for them as they do not know who was driving at the time of the alleged offence. but you will surely face a failure to furnish.
    So there is a potential of you being charged with speeding & failing to furnish.
    Now that penalty will be 3 points + £100, & 6 points + £650. So a total of 9 points ) £750 fine, + court costs £650. & victim surcharge of 20%, approx £280. That is a total of £1,680. + 9 points. an expensive day out don’t you think. Also you will have to drive as if you’re driving miss daisy for 3 years to avoid any ban.
    That is assuming you yourself do not have any points already. If you have you can look forward to a ban of at least 6 months under the totting up.
    So do yourself a favour, Find out the driver licence number, then pass it on.

    On the other hand, but (I WARN YOU ), is not really advisable, is to fill out the NIP, putting yourself as the driver, and accept the consequences, of the alleged offence.
    If you have no points on your licence, you may receive the offer of a speed awareness course, which you will have approx 4 months to set up, at a cost of £85 to £100 , and no points, that is if you have not attended one in the last 3 years.
    Or you could receive and accept the Conditional offer of a Fixed Penalty of 3 points + £100 fine, and no costs. This can be a tricky road to go down, as you do not know what evidence they have. ( Chris Huhne & his wife come to mind ).
    So best be honest up front and fill in whoever was driving, and the address. Sit back and see what happens. In the mean time I should warn your insurers of what is going on. See if they have his licence number.

    I hope I have given you an insight of the seriousness of speeding. It is very rare anyone escapes these days, as all loopholes are being closed as soon as they open up.

    All the best, Monty.

  • #88202 Reply

    Hi James,

    There is just another point to make, Should you fail to name the driver of the alleged offence, You will be charged with failure to furnish, and should you be convicted of this charge, not only will you get a large fine and a large amount of points, but the code MS90 will be applied to your licence, which will mean increased premiums on your Insurance for the next 5 years.

    I have a sneaky feeling that there is a lot more to this thread than meets the eye.
    So I honestly hope that in you’re case, you have not been economical with the truth.

  • #88978 Reply

    simon hill


    I have received a single justice procedure notice having replied to a NIP. I drove through the smaller fixed speed camera.

    Unfortunately I didn’t reply to the conditional offer of a fixed penalty as I work away a lot and missed the post.

    However, on reviewing the evidence, I have a picture showing my number plate and my lights but nothing else, but two more pictures showing a car going through the road markings but the number plate is not visible and as it was dark, could literally be any car.

    Do you think I have a case based on the fact that two pictures are obscure and prove nothing or is it possible that this is quite normal and the fact there is one picture showing my car, that is considered enough?

    I am quite happy to go to court if I have a reasonable case but the £750 scares me when I could get away with a much lower fine.

    This would be my first offence for 20 years and it was at 5am so I am really annoyed by it!

    Thanks again for any help


  • #89077 Reply


    hi monty,

    in post 88186, are you advising James (at his own risk) to take the penalty himself even though he knows he was not the person driving?
    would that not be providing a false statement?

    also is this your advice for when you are unsure who the driver was and cannot identify via photographs (as in post 86161)to simply have the registered driver take the penalty? would there not be consequences if it turned out to have wrongly identified himself as the driver and open himself up to prosecution forproviding a false statement.

    these are not criticisms of your advice just want to determine what the best course of action should be in these grey areas

    as an example the gentleman in 86161 is genuinely unsure he was the driver but returns the NIP which has him as the offender anyway with his acceptance of the penalty. Can the authorities then challenge this based on evidence he did not have or would they simply accept he has as the registered keeper has identified himself, give him the penalty or send him on a course and pursue it no further?

    • #90450 Reply

      Hi Jason,

      I answer to one of your 2 questions, regarding the identification of the driver on an NIP.

      An NIP is a request by the issuing ticket office, and they trace the alleged offending vehicle by it’s Registration Number.
      They then Issue the NIP to the Registered Keeper of the vehicle bearing the Registration Number, Make & Model of the alleged offending vehicle.
      At this point nobody is being accused of any offence, they are merely trying to trace the driver of the offending vehicle at that time & date. They are not really interested in whether the vehicle was insured or MOT’d, they are only chasing the alleged offence committed which is breaking the speed limit of the Road in question.
      That is why an NIP is accompanied by a s172 section, requesting the keeper of the vehicle to name the driver on that date & time.
      The request asks the registered keeper to name any possible driver using due diligence. Now the registered Keeper uses that due diligence to enable them to name the driver, and after all due diligence is used and the Registered keeper still cannot name a particular driver, who is he/she going to name?. Remember that he /she only have 28 days from the receipt of the NIP to do this in, so what if he/she cannot remember.( What I suggest is that they correspond with the issuing Ticket office, and ask for assistance, ” do not ask for evidence”, in the form of two separate photo’s which will be taken from the section of the recorded DVD). This may help in Identifying the driver of the alleged offence, so the keeper has now use all his/her diligence in an attempt to name the correct driver at that time and date. If after all this, and remember this must be done within approx 25 days, the ID of the driver cannot be determined, what would your suggestion be.
      You will not be given any more time in which to argue the situation, and the Ticket Office will not enter into any further correspondence. So the photo’s that you have received if you have been sent any will not possibly ID the driver, if they do then the keeper is home and dry, and enters the Identified driver on the NIP form under s172. The he/she must ensure that the returned NIP is sent back in time, by first class post no later than the 25th day, that is allowing for two days delivery time of a first class post, and also get proof of posting from the post office, do not just stick in a post box, hand it over the post office counter and as for a proof of posting, it is free.
      So now that you have named the driver, if different to the Registered Keeper, the named driver will receive their own NIP, asking the same questions. So the named driver then fills out the NIP form, naming themself as the driver of the alleged offence. It will then be up to the Ticket Office, to decide if it is taken any further.
      On the other hand if the photo’s do not help to ID the driver, it would be up to the persons involved to either agree who was driving or disagree who was driving.
      If they cannot come to any agreement, then the suggestion is to flip a coin and whoever loses puts their name forward.
      The law is not really bothered who is named as the driver, as long as you have used due diligence to come up with an answer. They are not looking to persecute anyone, they just want to issue a fixed penalty notice so that the matter can be dealt with and closed.
      But if you really want to shoot yourself in the foot, then don’t name any driver at all.
      And in due course the Registered Keeper will be issued with a court Requisition Order, to appear on a said date, to defend why a name was not put forward, and if you can prove that you have used all of the due diligence known to you. It will be for the court to decide if you have done enough, and if they think you could have done more, ( so expect a thorough grilling), you will be found guilty, and possibly 9 points on someone’s licence or both, a £650 fine plus court costs and victim surcharge which could amount to over £1,000.
      So the choice is there.

      I hope this may have cleared up any doubts.

  • #89123 Reply


    Got caught speeding by camera van i was overtaking 4 cars 80mph i was driving a toyota hilux what can i expext. Hoping just points and fine?

  • #89168 Reply


    Hi there
    I would need your advice with something. My workmate’s sister visited him recently and she borrowed his car. The car was in a way taken without his consent… I need to mention his sister does not live in the UK but Spain. She indeed tried to contact him apparently and ask for the car however he could not answer as he was at work. Therefore she took the car however thinking she would be given permission. No insurance in her name – she was obviously not aware that in England insurance applies for a named driver on a car rather than just the car itself as it is in Spain, i.e. once a car insured anyone can drive it. She apparently got flashed by a speed camera, she didn’t tell much about where and what speed… She is only here temporarily, she will probably leave by the time the second letter will arrive…what is my friend expecting?

    • #90451 Reply

      Hi Pablo,

      Your friend is looking at a very large fine, plus approx 9 0r 10 points on his licence, unless he owns up to the camera fine which will certainly come his way, whether he knows about it or not.
      If his sister is involved she will be charged taking a vehicle without consent and driving without insurance, and depending on the speed of the alleged offence, points on her licence if she has one.
      So there is a chance of a little stint at the pleasure of her majesty’s service.
      IE: Prison.

      Whatever unfolds it will not be very pleasant.

  • #89182 Reply


    Hi! I was caught speeding in Brighton doing 38mph in a 30mph zone and I had no clue it was a 30mph zone! I’m a new driver of only a year and 18 years old! what will happen 😩😩😩

  • #89196 Reply


    Hi, earlier this afternoon I was driving to work and a huge lorry was reversing across the road blocking both ways I was going about 5 miles over the limit. I slowed down to a complete stop and when the lorry had moved I got back up to speed. it wasn’t until i looked in my rear view that I saw the mobile speed van. There was no flash or anything but i’m worrying now that i’m going to get a letter.

    I could use some advise as I am really stressing over it.

  • #89854 Reply


    Hi my son was flashed by a camera last night, but his black box says he wasn’t speeding. We obviously haven’t received anything yet, but do we have a case to contest it? Also, as he only passed his test in January, can he attend a speed awareness course or will he get points?

    • #89857 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Julie. There’s no point worrying until a Notice of Intended Prosecution shows up. It may have been that the camera wasn’t flashing for your son but someone else, or it may be that when it is checked, it gets discarded anyway.

      If you do get a NIP, then you can consider your options in contesting it.

    • #90458 Reply

      Hi Mr Masson,

      Sorry to interupt your blog again.

      I have been rather busy of late and have only just had the chance to catch up.

      Hope you don’t mind.


    • #90460 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Monty. Not at all, I appreciate you offering your time and expertise to help readers (even the ones who don’t necessarily deserve it!).


  • #89860 Reply


    Good afternoon,

    I have three points after being caught speeding last year in April. I have just been caught doing 48mph on a speed limit of 40. Would they give me a chance to attend a speed awareness course or would they just give me points?

    Thank you very much

    • #89861 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Elena. Each police force has its own policy about when awareness courses are offered, so you would need to find out from them.

    • #90457 Reply

      Hi Elena,

      If you accepted 3 points and a fine last year, and not offered an awareness course, there is a good chance you may be offered one this time.

  • #89864 Reply


    I have been driving for just under a year and got caught by camera doing 36 in a 30. They sent me a letter with no photo evidence included, is this normal??

    i ticked the box to attend the speed awareness course and they sent me another letter giving me only the choice to pay the fine and receive points or go to court.
    Why arent i eligible for the course?

    • #89869 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Mollie. You would need to ask the relevant police force why you were not able to take the course. Each force has its own policy on awareness courses.

    • #90452 Reply

      Hi Mollie,

      Seeing as you have only been driving for almost a year now you will not be offered a speed awareness course.
      You will receive a notice to attend court, because of you short time of driving.
      You will probably be awarded 3 points and a £100 pound fine.
      Then you will receive a letter from the DVLA revoking your licence, for probably six months, and then be asked to retake your test again, so you will be only issued with a provisional licence.
      That is the new government rules now I’m afraid.
      Perhaps it may teach you to take more care of your licence when you pass your test again.

  • #89931 Reply


    I recently drove through a camera in one direction at 29 mph and then back again in the opposite direction 10 mins later, driving the same speed, all the time foolishly thinking it was a 30mph zone, but later discovering it was a 20mph zone. There are 2 cameras facing both ways at the same point. To complicate matters it was the 2nd day of owning a newly bought car, so the DVLA probably didnt record me as the registered keeper yet, but that’s by the by for now. I didn’t notice a flash, but it was daylight, and to be honest I wasn’t looking for one as I was concentrating at looking at my dash by incorrectly keeping below 30mph!

    I’m bracing myself for 2 potential penalties. Would I be correct in saying that if caught and if I was fortunate to be offered a speed awareness course, this would just apply to the one offence, or is there a chance the system might not join the dots and issue me with an offer for an awareness course for each offence?
    Many thanks in anticipation

  • #90074 Reply


    I have been issued with two NIP’s within the same week, but by two different Police Authorities. I was hoping to ask to do a speed awareness after the first NIP, but what should I do now I have been issued with a second? Will I have to accept the points? I amd 21 and been driving for nearly three years

    • #90453 Reply


      If you have any time left, e-mail the issuing ticket office and ask them if they will consider making it a continuous offence, therefore it will only be one offence if the accept that.
      It may be very unlikely they will so you will if not attended a course in the last three years be offered a course for the first offence, and a £100 fine and 3 points for the second.
      You know the old saying IF YOU DON’T ASK YOU DON’T GET. No harm in asking.

    • #90454 Reply

      Mr/Mrs Idiot,

      You do not ask for a speed awareness course, they are offered, and seeing that you have been scammera’d, by two different forces, you may just may be offered a course by each one, so the decision will be yours on which one you take, you will not be able to take the two.
      So it will be 1 x SAC, and 1 x Fine £100, + 3 points.

  • #90107 Reply



    I have been driving for three years and never been in trouble. But three days ago i was pulled over by the police for doing 85mph on 70mph A449 S. Wales. Then today i was caught doing 40-45 in 30mph zone. I am hoping i will have one course offer and one fine and points. can being caught today effect the judgement of the 85mph offence though as am still waiting for letter re that? currently just have the police report.
    Im so annoyed with myself.

    • #90455 Reply

      Hi there Harry,

      85 in a 70, is just in the bounds of a speed awareness course so you may be offered one, assuming you have not taken one in the last three years.
      You will not receive an NIP as you were probably cautioned at the roadside, that is a verbal NIP.
      On the second offence. If it was by a fixed or mobile camera, you will receive an NIP form, in the post within 14 days.
      Which you will have to fill in naming the driver, now you have 28 day to answer that. so do not rush it.

      Come back on here when you know a little more.
      Dates, Times And places may be helpful. So be more specific.

  • #90278 Reply

    Glyn beaumont

    Hii think I have been caught in watnall Derbyshire by 2 cameras which would take you 20 seconds if that to travel from 1 camera to the other in the same direction. With them being so close can they give me 1 or 2 tickets like I say only 20 seconds apart if that. One is on a blind bend other in bushes I think it’s a bit unfair as to motorists as they or so close. Had it been the 1 would have took it on the chin but 2 in that short mount of time seems a bit unfair and seems like it’s just a way to generate extra money more than road safety. What would be your best advice on this. Thanks glyn

  • #90456 Reply

    Hi Glyn,

    It would help if we new what road you were on, the speed limit, and the alleged speed you were doing.
    Other than that cannot really help.
    Also what Ticket Office, I suspect it would be Ripley ticket office.

  • #91072 Reply


    Hi , I was traveling in my works van and I passed a traffic camera van . It was a 70mph speed limit road and I was travelling at around 69-70mph although the speed limit for a van is 60 mph I believe ? Do you think I will be caught for speeding ? I have 9 points already none from speeding offences. Thanks

  • #92359 Reply

    John Smith

    Hi… I was potentially caught by Gatso.

    They sent the NIP, i responded asking to see the photos as i don;t know who was driving at the time. The photos show the correct car, but there is zero evidence of face.

    What should i do now? I don’t really want to sign the NIP as I can’t remember who was driving at the time … it could be one of four people.


  • #92401 Reply


    My girlfriend received an nip off the police but it was me driving at the time
    Why do they send these don’t they usually just send a fine to the owner and is cos they know it wasn’t her

  • #92414 Reply


    Hi ..Just wondering about the 14day period (within which a nip is supposed to be recieved) Is it actually 14 working days or just 2 weeks ??.. thanks

  • #92415 Reply


    Hi ..Please clearify on this – Is it true that its 14 days from date of offence to the post stamped date and doesn’t matter how long royal mail take top deliver it ?

  • #94169 Reply

    v bain

    hi, help,,,,, am hoping to sell a car 2002 its stationary so to keep the engine going i ride it around the block , every two days or so ,,, ,i,m panicking as i passed a police car around the corner ,talking to people ,,, i have tax , mot . till December .. but ins has run out , ive been trying to get some cheaper ins , im panicking ,, what what will happen to me , ive never had an accident in 40 years …,,,… cant get some reasonable ins ,, ill have to sell .. can you say what will happen , ive never been in trouble before ,, and fund are not good being on -pension credit ,, thanks valerie b.can you give advice…..

    • #94180 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Valerie. If you don’t have insurance then you are asking for trouble and likely to come unstuck eventually.

      The good news is that if you have simply passed a police car and the officers were not paying attention to you, they have probably not noted your registration number to check your details.

      Maybe in the future, you should just run the engine in the driveway without taking the car on the road? Although even then, you are still uninsured if anything happens to the car.

  • #94929 Reply


    I think I was illegally given a ticket. Can someone chime in…..

    * There were only 3 white lines 1 inch apart infront of the camera.

    – What’s the requirements for these lines? (in ref to below article)

    * The camera was only 100m from the speed sign.
    I read that 300m is the minimum requirement.

    How true are the above statements??

    I read this article about the man who found out the distance markers for the camera were wrong and won in court: I CANNOT FIND THE EXACT DISTANCE ANYWHERE ONLINE…..puzzled!


    thank you all very much for your help and knowledge.

  • #95025 Reply


    Hi I was flashed by speed camera on monday but as I know i was in speed limit but I dont know why i get flashed. Its A457 the speed limit is 40. How i can confirm that i got penality or not.

  • #95027 Reply


    Hi Its just 2 and half month i had passed my driving licnese. I need to know if i was caught by speed camera the what gonna happen to me. I am second driver on the car which i was driving. Can they offer me course.

  • #95120 Reply

    S Coady

    Speed cameras often flash for no obvious reason. I’ve often seen them flash on opposite carriageway with no cars near them.
    Also they may flash if a car in next lane is speeding. Most have allowances of 5-10% of speed limit.As for new drivers (within 2 years of passing your UK test you’re classed as ‘new driver’) if you speed you get 3 points. Once you accumulate 6 or more you lose your licence and have to resist your theory and driving test.

  • #95759 Reply


    I was driving into my village outskirts last week and there was a mobile speed van parked just inside the 30mph limit signs (20 metres from the sign when I returned to photograph and measure). I had been in a 50mph zone and was slowing down but doubt I would have got down to 30mph when I passed the van just 20m after the signs. Would I be able to protest this if caught? Is 20m enough time to reasonably reduce from 50mph to 30mph, or should I have been going at 30mph when passing the sign? I can’t find any rule on the subject.

    • #104089 Reply


      I’m a driving instructor and a speed limit comes into force directly by the sign, so once you pass it you must drive below that limit. However, with a van 20m within the new zone I imagine he would be measuring speeds on the higher limit section of road not the 30mph section. That’s why us driving instructors always slow down before a drop in speed before we pass the sign.
      Hope that helps.

  • #95906 Reply


    Hello there.

    I was looking for some advice. I was recently travelling down a duel carridgeway and I only noticed a mobile camera van when it was just slightly in front of me. But it was on the opposite carriageway, (over the central reservation). I was doing around 65 in a 50. I’ve heard the mobile van cam still catch you over the other side of the carriageway. Is this true? If so I’don’t be most grateful if someone could tell me how. I don’t see how the van would get a clear picture of your registration when the central reservation is in the way.

    Any information much appreciated.

  • #96135 Reply

    Claire Randall

    I purchased a car today from a friend who had just been caught on a speed camera close to my house when they were driving car to mine, as it is a 20pmh speed limit in the area I live and they thought it was 30mph. What happens as I will be the new registered keeper but was not driving the car. I am setting up car insurance & tax disc tomorrow so I can’t drive the car by law until tomorrow. Will the fine be sent to the right person?

    • #96237 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Claire. I wouldn’t get too stressed about it. If the fine goes to the former owner, they can pay the fine. If it comes to you, you fill in the form to declare that you weren’t driving and provide your friend’s details. Send it back and it will be redirected to your friend to pay.

  • #97377 Reply

    David Quigg

    I was caught doing 46 in a 40 by a mobile speed camera, one of the big parked up vans. Now I am not sure is was doing over 40 but I definitely dont feel like I was doing 46. I thought the cars beside me were going much faster (I am aware they could all have tickets as well).

    I’ve read that ACPO guideline for giving a ticket is 46mph ;What I want to know is the following;-

    – How accurate will the camera be , could I of been going 45.4 rather than 46.1?

    -If I contest this will I just get the reply of ‘yes you were going 45 but that still over 40 and we don’t have to follow the guidelines’?

    -How come with fixed cameras their needs to be signs warning of cameras in the area but with these vans they do not and this one was hidden behind a tree.

    Thanks in advance for you help

  • #97557 Reply


    Hi there, i passed my test 1 year 11 months and around 15 days ago i have 3 points, stupidly for holding my mobile phone whilst driving and speaking on loud speaker! i now have been flashed for going 38 in a 30 although there was no signs saying it was a 30 i can only presume it was. could you let me know if i will loose my licence?

  • #97787 Reply


    Hello, I was driving down The Black Country road last night, and as I had never driven down here before at the same time I saw the 40 sign, driving at around 48, the camera, in a yellow box, flashed me! I have been driving for 3 years and have a telematics box in my car so I don’t ever go over the speed limit unless of course by mistake, I just wondered what the most likely /worst punishments are if i get a letter within 14 days?

    Thank you

  • #98922 Reply


    I was traveling down the A2 dual carriageway today and they have a 30 mph speed limit in place. I am usually wary and drop to third gear but on this occasion I was in the outside lane, the lane was clear and I was still in fourth gear. Because it tends to slope heading that way my speed built back up to around 38 mph. There used to be a 50 mph GATSO there but they have taken it away and are putting up average speed cams. As I came up to the lines on the road I realized I was traveling too fast and braked from 38 right down to 28 when I came out the other side of the lines. I also saw a single yellow camera pointing down (not the 3 average speed cams you usually see) aimed at the lines.

    Is it likely I will get a NIP?

  • #101332 Reply

    Neal Bond


    Is there any thing can do about getting 3 speeding fines within one month?

    Just wondered if there was a limit?

    Neal Bond

  • #102392 Reply

    Mike Griffiths

    I recently bought a new motorcycle and the next day may have been caught by a mobile speed unit. As the dealership would only just have sent off the reg document to the DVLA, where would a NIP go if issued? Would it go to the previous registered keeper, or to the dealership from which the motorcycle was bought?

    Thanks for you help

  • #102443 Reply


    Hi got caught today and was doing 89 on a dual carriageway. I know I got caught as I was overtaking a lorry who had braked and as I passed it I saw it on the road I think it just got me. I was speeding i know that but have had me licence 15 years never had a speeding fine ever just had circumstances changed with new job so driving a lot. What are my chances of getting a driver improvement course and is it better to take this or take the fine and points I’m guessing both are bad for insurance anyway but which is worse. And could i likely be struck for a court case being it’s nearer 90

  • #103214 Reply


    Hello, i did a speed awareness course 4 – 5 months ago and I was caught doing 36mph in a 30 and recently I was caught again doing 48mph in a 40. The first time I got caught in Northampton but this time in Essex, because it’s in a different district am I able to do the course again or will I get points and a fine?

  • #103339 Reply


    Hi Stuart,

    I have an issue where i Have been using a average speed camera’d road, I had my limiter on at 79 to prevent crossing the 80 barrier. But still I have received a couple of tickets for these trips I took claiming I was doing 80. Since at no point I actually crossed over to 80, how can I fight this??

  • #103398 Reply


    I think a police car was at a lay-by and i was overtaking a car which meant i exceeded the speed limit in my case (this was, at night time).If i were to get penalized for this and receive penalty, can i check with the DVLA online before its sent through the post?

    many thanks!

  • #103835 Reply

    brenda phillips

    I was prosecuted over 3 years ago under a s172 for a vehicle which I did not own then and do not own now altho I had been a previous owner. I gave the new owner info to the police but I was still taken to court, disqualified from driving with points for something I had absolutely no control over or involvement in and that was in 2013.
    I have now been emailed by the police with a notice of intended prosecution and have asked me to complete a form I have not received by post for the very same vehicle I was prosecuted for 4yrs ago. This new nip request relates to the same said vehicle I was already prosecuted me for 4 yrs ago despite my having no knowledge of the offence then or what has since happened to the vehicle back then and up to now – the vehicle has no registered keeper and I provided the police and courts with all the information I had at the time. All these years later I know no more than I did then. It is disgusting that I am being put in this situation again. I don’t drive and haven’t ever driven from before I was prosecuted or owned a vehicle in the last 4 years & have no knowledge whatsoever of what has happened to the vehicle etc etc… what do I do? I have no contact details on the email sent and I have no hard copy NIP in which to state I know nothing and have already been prosecuted for this same offence. Surely you cannot keep on prosecuting or just persecuting me for a vehicle I once owned a very long time ago but at the time of the offences stated back in 2013 and to the present day have knowledge of and have not done for over 4 years and then to add insult to injury reprosecuted and persecuted just because I cannot give them you info you want because I know nothing. I know nothing of the vehicle. I don’t own the vehicle. I don’t drive. I don’t own a vehicle and in fact from the time of my prosecution in error I can give you no more information today than I could 4 years ago when you charged me altho I was completely innocent. I am so disgusted.
    Please please can you help / advise me?
    Thank you.

  • #105560 Reply

    Andy O’Sullivan

    I was driving down the M1 on Thursday and the Speed Control System was on, In most zones it was 60 so I drove at 60. On approach to one, it changed to 50. As I had a car close up behind me and was part of the flow of traffic, I was unable to apply the brake to reduce my speed sufficiently as this would have been dangerous. I got flashed by the camera I think.

    Do I have a right to appeal?

    • #105594 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      It is unlikely that a court would accept that you were unable to slow safely from 60mph to 50mph if the signs were adequately marked. Simply lifting off the accelerator is usually enough to lose 10mph fairly easily at that speed, so a judge would be unlikely to agree that it would be dangerous to do so.

  • #106176 Reply


    Hi, I’m looking for some advice. I have received a postal requisition / summons through the post today, I’ve read the charge carefully and it relates to a speeding offence on 18th April 2016. I remember being flashed by a mobile van doing 35 in a 30 zone which has recently changed from a 40 zone. I received a notice of intended prosecution, I acknowledged that I was the driver and because I have done a speed awareness course in the past, I was aware that I would get a fine and three points. I then got a reminder letter asking for me to submit my driving licence, I rang the number on the letter to ask if I needed to send both parts, was told to send only photocard which I did and then received it back through the post. I can’t specifically remember paying fine and on checking my bank statements, I can’t see any transaction. I’ve checked tonight online and the points aren’t on my licence. This is a genuine oversight, should I have received reminder letters or anything before them waiting 9 months to issue summons? I’m in a professional , responsible role and I’m devastated and extremely anxious about the impact of this. I can’t plead not guilty because I am guilty and admitted this back in April but I think there has to have been some error when I have submitted my driving license but then not received a letter detailing how and when to pay fine. Sorry for the long post but extremely anxious, any advice would be very much appreciated x

    • #106183 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Helen. Because you have already got a fair way through the process, you will probably need to get professional legal advice. I would suggest contacting a solicitor that specialises in motoring offences.

  • #106344 Reply

    Linda smith

    Back in mid September 2016 I was driving on the A46 around 10.30pm heading south when couple cars full of youths started driving right up my rear they where playing cat and mouse in their little boy racer cars they seemed to be following me since leaving the A15 or just unfortunate they heading same way Either way it was wreck less and frightening I was hoping a police car might pass but 15 miles or more no sign I am 54 lone female driving home and i was feeling pretty vulnerable heart pounding as we approached roundabouts in case I had to stop and they got out the cars etc In this day and age you never know but I had locked the doors Anyway that’s the scene and start of my problem I decided to speed up a little at next roundabout and leave them behind and as I did I was flashed by speed cam doing 80mph my journey home was a disaster I had ran over a bunny already and my dog then decided to throw up all over the back seat ??

    I text my partner of 2 years by now in tears but was home safe finally he was ok about it as cars registered in his name at his address 3 months later the NIP arrived at his home just a couple days before xmas thinking I had been lucky enough to have escaped the offence after such a journey I was gutted. Anyway new year he filled it in returned it notifying them I was the driver after he had been told about the 14 day thing but being straight as they come and not wanting to get points on himself he went ahead and returned the details refusing to let me return it and dispute the 14 days which I thought was unreasonable as I would have allowed him the opportunity shoe being on the other foot and all that.

    So yesterday I received the NIP now registered to my address in my name and am unsure what my options are as whilst I admit I was driving I felt at the time it was unavoidable and had this been issued earlier I would have informed the police I even had a partial number plate off one the cars chasing me which I have since thrown away as I thought the matter had gone away and was no longer needed My partners not being very helpful and refusing to consider any other option apart from pay it and get point and move on but I am feeling very disappointed by his lack of support and not happy that I should take this on the chin

    This will be my first ever offence and I feel like I am being punished whilst keeping myself safe on the road?

    What are my options please
    Disappointed – 29-Jan-17 @ 1:22 PM

  • #107160 Reply

    Alistair McNeal


    I was hoping you might be able to give me a little advice.

    I was driving home on the M1 last night at about 12:30am. Having very carefully negotiated two 50mph average speed areas, I was at around Junction 10 when the overheads started indicating two closed lanes and roadworks/workforce in road, and a decreasing speed limit. I did not slow down quickly enough, and got flashed. I think I was doing approx 57 in a 50 zone. My fault and basically down to a lack of concentration which I realise is no defence.

    However, this was on a four lane stretch of motorway and as I drove along the entire stretch, there were no roadworks whatsoever – no bollards, no lane closures and no workforce in road. There was also no National Speed Limit sign to indicate when the temporary zone ended.

    I have not yet received a notice (obviously – it was less than twelve hours ago,) but am naturally fearing the worst. This is especially difficult as I already have nine points, I drive a great deal for work and my wife is pregnant. Sadly I realise none of these are defences in themselves. However, I was hoping the fact that there was absolutely no evidence of roadworks or the necessity for a temporary speed limit might have some bearing on the case. Am I totally clutching at straws, or is there a case that the temporary Speed Limit was being applied in error?

    Many thanks for your time.

    Yours faithfully

  • #107370 Reply


    Hi I had a camera flash while speed was 50 on m1 nd I was going on 68 so could you tell me pls is there any chance if I get just pelanty no points

  • #107611 Reply


    Hi there, I was caught doing 25 MPH in a 20 zone in London in November of 2016. I stupidly moved house and hadn’t updated the resignation info on the vehicle. Because of this the NIP was sent to my old address. – I have only just received it now, nearly 3 months from the date on the letter and far from the 28 days they give you. What is the best course of action. – Just fill out the form and send it back…?


  • #108196 Reply

    Luke morton

    I wasn’t caught doing 40 in a 30, I have been to court they have issued me with 6 points £270 fine and have had muncher lisence revoked! I have only had my licence 11 months but when I wen to court I wasn’t too I wasn’t aloud a soliciter because I was signing a stationary declaration! So went guilty because I didn’t read lily just now what ever lose the o do, they have not proved it was me driving because may have not been, surley this being my first offence it’s only 3 points and £100 fine!? Any help would be appreciated

  • #109118 Reply

    Big Al

    All you idiots who are looking for ways to get out of your speeding fines grow some balls and pay up. If you don’t speed you won’t get caught. Stop whining it doesn’t matter if its your first offence or not, if you can’t read a speed limit sign then you shouldn’t be on the road.

  • #109274 Reply


    My Partner has been caught speeding in a company vehicle, but the letter was sent after the 14 day period (to his company itself).

    Does this mean he cannot be prosecuted?

    What are we best to do?


  • #109960 Reply


    I have been caught by speeding camera yesterday, I am going out of country in two days for a month, no one will be at home to open the post what should I do?

  • #110041 Reply


    I think i have been flashed on M1, The speed limit was 40 and i was doing about 57, will i be getting a fine?

    Couple of months back the speed limit was 40 and i was doing about the 57 speed got flashed but did not receive any fine not sure was that just luck or what.

  • #110731 Reply


    Hello i was flashed speeding on my home from taking the children out for the day it was starting to get late around 5.30 pm when entering on to the motorway there was a big build up of car’s it was extremely uncomfortable for me as i suffer with some heath problems ( social phobia ‘ ADHA ‘ anxiety ‘ depression ‘ chest pains caused by anxiety ‘ hypertension ‘ IBS. Of which i take several medications to help with all my problems. Now i felt fine all day having fun with my children and the drive out there but when i was stuck in this car jam with all the car’s so close being boxed in it made me feel very bad my IBS flared up giving me pain anxiety made me anxious and wanting to get out of this situation after being in this jam for about 30 minutes it suddenly broke and all the car’s were moving again it was very busy with most car’s travelling faster then the 70 mph limit in the heat of the moment I just stayed in formation travelling faster then i should of been i think at one point i was going 90 mph the car’s were very close to me from behind i dont no how to explain how I felt it was just horrible i just wanted to be home with my partner/carer i had never been in this kind of situation before as i have only been driving for 1 year i dont know if i pasted a speed camera there were lots of different looking cameras on polls and attached to the over carriage non of them flashed but that meens nothing with tech now so i dont know what to do having a car as changed my life for the better i can get out more with out fare of peaple if i lose the car well i dont even want to think about it i dont want to go back to the way things where. Any help or advice please

    • #110846 Reply
      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Wade. I would imagine that the worst-case scenario is likely to be a fine and some penalty points. I can’t imagine you losing your licence or vehicle, and it is entirely possible you won’t get a fine at all if it was a busy motorway situation.

  • #110898 Reply


    Hi i need help. I had a camera flash on 30 mile speed road and i was doing 35 but the problem is that the camera has been replaced recently with new design camera and it does not have a reflecting tape or paint and it so hard to spot the camera on that road can any one help do i have a case?
    I do admit the speed i was doing infact i was talking to some one few days before the flash that its so hard to spot the camera on that road and i got a flash.

  • #112246 Reply


    hi, i have recently received an nip through the post, the statutory letter that i have been doing 36mph in a 30 zone, the letter states it has photographic evidence,and to view follow the link provided, i have tried this half a dozen times and the page doesnt work,i have been offered a speed awareness course if i act quickish which i will do if available but if they cant produce how do i stand and if i challenge will it affect my chances of getting on a speed awareness course, any help appreciated

  • #114080 Reply


    I was flashed by a camera doing nearly 60 in a 40, but I’ve not had the car that long and I still have a new owners log book sheet and the main part hasn’t been sent of yet, I’m not sure but I think this means I’m not yet te registered owner. What does this mean.

  • #114086 Reply


    Hi is there any way you can call a safety camara partnership and ask them if you have a pending speeding ticket rather than wait the 14 days or more if it is a company vehicle. If you think you may have been done ?

  • #114447 Reply



    I was driving along the M1 and I came to some roadworks I saw the 50 sign and started to slow but there was a speed camera that wasnt an average speed camera just inside the 50 sign which I was probably over the 50 limit for as i hadnt fully slowed down; but there was then an average speed one starting about a metre for which I know that my average speed was below 50. My question is that if there was the average speed one there would the other have been switched on or will it have just been the average speed one? many thanks

  • #117062 Reply

    Tracy Baker

    Hi, my husband has just received a speeding fine and he went online to check the photo as wee were in the process of fitting a new kitchen and he did not remember be out that day. Although it quite clearly shows he was out and that the car was in fact his the picture is of the front registration – there is NO picture of the rear registration plate? Is this legal ?

    • #117446 Reply

      Of course it’s legal, what they have actually done is send an NIP, which is not a summons in itself, but a warning that the driver of the said vehicle will probably be fined for exceeding the prescribed speed limit. Which in your case you have not deemed to have produced. What an NIP ( Notice of Intended Prosecution ), is a notice asking the vehicle owner/keeper to name the person who was driving the said vehicle Registered with the Registration shown. If it was the owner/keepr driving then whoever that was has to fill in the appropriate section that it was them or whoever it was driving at particular Time & Date. then to return it within the allotted time scale, ( normally 28 days ). Then whoever was named will either receive their own NIP if it was not the owner/keeper of the vehicle shown. If it was the owner/keepr then the person named will receive a fixed penalty of £100, + 3 points, to be paid and licence produced to the authority who is asking, do not send it anywhere else. Or alternatively they may be offered a SAC, ( Speed Awareness Course ), for which they will be paying for ( Approx £100 to £120 ) but no points will be put on the licence. Which I suggest if offered take it up.
      If you fail to return the NIP within the allotted time the Registered owner/keeper of the vehicle will receive a summons to appear in the local magistrates to defend why no person was named as the driver or why you chose to ignore it. The penalty for this is normally 6 points on the licence of the said person and also a hefty fine of approx £650, + courts costs + victim surcharge, normally 20% of the fine. so a very expensive way to go. Hope this makes this situation clear.

  • #117292 Reply


    Hi there,

    I was driving a hire van at around 25/26mph in a 30mph zone when the speed came flashed. I thought it must be a mistake so, maybe stupidly, decided to go back through it again, this time at around 20mph to make sure it wasn’t a 20mph zone and it flashed again. Why would this happen and who should I speak to regarding this?


    • #117447 Reply


      Firstly are you sure it was a 30MPH zone you were in as you do not sound very certain.
      The people to speak with is your local Police force, they will be able to tell you what the speed limit for particular section of the road you were on. The only other way is to wait for over 14 days to see if whoever owns the van gets an NIP in the post. It may just be a faulty sensor in the road or a faulty camera, of which whoever controls these things are not going to admit as it will cause all sorts of problems for them, so do not expect a straight answer.

  • #117960 Reply


    Been driving nearly a year always very careful … my dog couldn’t breathe and was taking him to vet came off a 50 road which changed to 30, however was downhill and I was clearly upset as my dog was distressed so didn’t realise my speed picked up to 42 in a 30 zone (just came off 50mph zone downhill) The roads wer clear and quiet and I was trying to get to the vet to get help for my dog .. I was clocked on camera at 8.54am and my dog was put to sleep merely 25 mins later. I understand that I went over the limit however it was an emergency, my dog was ill.
    I received NIP which I’ve sent away with an apology and detailing I am deeply remorseful as always a careful driver and provided details of the reason for this. What do you think the outcome will be? Never been in trouble before and clean liscence. Thanks

  • #118268 Reply

    Michael Parker

    I got caught by camera but I have only just found the letter as I have been on holiday I was offered a driving school but have missed the deadline to apply back for it would it be possible to still get on it as I have only just seen the issues letter the deadline was the 4th of August

  • #118357 Reply


    I was caught speeding on 3/1/17 and they are trying to do me under the new laws can they do this or should I fight it please help ?

  • #119236 Reply


    Hello there I was caught speeding on M1 or not caught i dunno but I travel with 50 miles and it was a 40miles speed limit signal coz it’s roadworks in frond is it possible the camera flash for me?


  • #120273 Reply


    Caught on mobile roadside camera doing 98 mph on a dual carriageway in January 2017. Received NIP and returned it immediately confirming identity. Expected to hear something but haven’t received anything since. What does this mean? is it out of time now? do you think they decided not to prosecute in the end. Its just torture waiting to hear something in the post!

  • #125589 Reply


    Hi I was flashed the other day on a mosmart motorway by a hadec 3 camera one of those signs what sticks out of the side of the road stating 50 mph variable speed limit was 05:30 in morning however I’m 100% certain I was under the speed limit as I checked my speed limit thinking after the flash what’s it flashed for as I was way under as I was coming off at nnext junction is never looked to see if another vehicle was in any other lanes as I was in the left hand lane slow lane so is there a chance it flashed for someone else who maybe was in another lane and I didn’t notice them perhaps as I know for certain I was well under anyone have any answers ?

  • #125591 Reply


    It flashed twice too but carnt understand why?

  • #127751 Reply


    Hi took my son out for a drive as hes sitting his test soon.
    He has a provisional license but car is insured for me and him under a learner.
    We got flashed of a police cam while he was driving.
    Any clue on what will happen now as we have had a fine from police through the door.

  • #128594 Reply



    I received a letter today about a speeding fine I was caught doing 36 in a 30, now this is in relation to an offence which took place in September last year and I was disqualified from driving in November for 12 months, anyone have any idea what the outcome is likely to be?

  • #129857 Reply


    Hi, need some help!! Got caught speeding tonight in a 30mph was doing 42! I have 9 points but 3 points are due to come off in 2 weeks (2nd April) does this mean I will be banned for 12 points or will I just be given 3 and have 9 again? I have another 3 points to come off in September? Some help please x

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