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Clutch failure new car (Audi A3)

Home Forums Any Other Business Clutch failure new car (Audi A3)

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    37 years driving experience but still blamed for clutch failure of 6-month-old Audi A3 on motorway. Insulting, patronising and expensive. I was told to remove car as it was taking up ramp space. Nowhere to go with this as no mechanical failure found. Have accepted that no-one in the company sees anything unusual here.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Katy. Clutch failures can be difficult to argue, as it is a wear-and-tear part and the most common cause of clutch failure is driver misuse/abuse.

    You can try taking your case up with Audi UK’s head office in Milton Keynes. You may get a more positive response than you received from the dealership, but there’s no guarantee of course.

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    Hi Stuart.I took the car to an Audi approved workshop. The mechanic picked me up from the metro station. He said ‘the clutch? Can I just say that I think that what they’re trying to do to you is disgusting. I’ve examined that clutch and (technical details I didn’t follow) there is no way on this earth that you could have caused that failure’. Don’t suppose it will make any difference but it made me feel better. The manager took a video and is willing to discuss. I double checked today and they work directly with audi (training/equipment/diagnostics etc). Incidentally, my colleague (25 yrs driving experience) had exactly the same experience last year with her Skoda. Nice little earner.

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    would like to know how Katy finished up with the clutch failure having a similar problem right now

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