Concerned about a deposit I have on a second hand car.

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      AvatarAlistair Macdonald

      I’ve just read this article and the comments in full:

      and I can’t find an anecdote that matches my current situation.

      I recently drove for about 5 hours to view an Audi RS 6. I brought a checklist that intended to go through in full to assure myself I was happy to purchase the car. The car had a number of obvious issues, which the salesman told me would be fixed before sale. As I was completing the checklist I was also told repeatedly by the salesman that it was pointless to do so as all issues would be fixed by them before sale. I flagged up several issues anyway that I thought they may not have noticed that were important to me. My experience with the salesman was so poor that had I not sunk 5 hours of my time into the journey I would have walked away. I also really want the car. The salesman was pushing me to complete finance there and then, which fortunately did not happen as the company took its time approving (in the end I decided to use my own bank’s personal loan service rather than use the company organised by the dealer). However, I have given a £2000 deposit which the salesman stated was necessary for them to start prepping the car for sale (e.g it needs an MOT).

      I have two concerns. I don’t trust the dealer as far as I can spit, my entire interaction with them has made me extremely uncomfortable and it’s only admittedly blind lust for the car that is pushing me forward.

      The first concern is this: that the dealer will push me for full payment before I have had a chance to view the final state of the car. IF I refuse to pay in full and they refuse to prep the car, where do I sit regarding getting my deposit back? The receipt I have for the deposit states nothing in writing about what they will be doing to the car, it was all verbal.

      My second concern is that they will not have fixed the issues with the car when I go back down. At this point I will presumably have to reject the car. What are my rights to request my deposit back if this occurs? Again there is nothing in writing stating what they will fix. It is a 13-year-old car – how much is considered “reasonable” in terms of conditions?

      I can list the details of the issues with the car if needed but I’m unwilling to give too many details away as this is currently an ongoing situation.

      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Alistair. If you don’t have a written sales contract that sets out exactly what remedial work the dealer is going to do before delivery, you’ve left yourself wide open for them to decide what’s acceptable.

      You certainly have the right to inspect the car before making full payment, however there is likely to be a delay between making the payment and driving off in the car (it can take several hours for the banks to process your funds transfer), so you’ll have to twiddle your thumbs/go to lunch/see a movie while you’re waiting.]

      If you try and cancel the purchase because you’re not happy with what they have or haven’t done in terms of vehicle preparation, you can expect to have to fight to get any of your deposit back again.

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