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      2 weeks ago I bought a 2010 Toyota Yaris from a dealer. This is/was to be a run around for the nursery run for my 2 children when my wife goes back to work from maternity leave next month.

      The car drives fine that is not my issue. When I got the car home on the day of purchase we were happy and I was playing with our new toy on the drive…only to find that the (factory fitted) CD player wasn’t working…the radio yes but not the CD player. I think the sensors have gone because it believes there is a disc in the player and constantly says ‘reading disc’.

      I immediately phoned and texted dealer (after owning the vehicle for less than 2 hrs) who preferred that I return it to him to fix which I did the following morning. The car has been with him since. After 3 days he had the courtesy to call me to say he didn’t want me to think he’d forgotten. I have not pushed him now for a week thinking he was an upstanding guy.

      Today, a week later I called politely to request an update to find him really quite rude, obstructive, unhelpful. It is with a guy he knows who is retired, and he does things in his own time so Can It give me any idea when It Will be fixed. In a month I need to be able to take my 2 young children to school / nursery and need the car. He says It is my choice not to drive the car and leave it with him but If I take the car and drive it there is no incentive for him to fix it. it seemed he couldn’t care less about how long it may take. The car cost me £3700 and was described as having an entertainment system (radio /cd/mp3)… which to me implies working.

      His response was that (whilst he didn’t check) the advert didn’t say it was working and what would i have him do…buy a new one and put it in? Well yes actually…if he has to. I like the car and just want what I paid for. I wouldn’t have bought the car if I had known this.

      He said he wouldn’t have sold it to me if he’d known…but there seems little sense of urgency to help whilst his retired ‘helper’ sources an old part and gets round to fixing it when he can be bothered but can’t / won’t give me any indication of when this will be.

      Meanwhile the car was in my possession for less than 24hrs and I haven’t seen it for 2 weeks, he has my money and I NEED the car within the next few weeks at most.

      I have lost all faith in him after today’s conversation and wonder where I stand? I really want to reject it because it wasn’t exactly as advertised but surely at least he HAS to give me a reasonable timescale for the repair to be done and if he cannot do that then take it to a Toyota dealership or let me do so and pay for the repair.

      Any advice welcome! Thanks.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Realistically, you will need to engage a lawyer to hassle him if you want to get it resolved faster. Formal letters from a legal firm tend to get better results than the average person in the street.

      If you NEED your car in the next few weeks, go and get it back then hassle the dealer to source a replacement and book it in to be fixed.

      A faulty CD player is small beer in the greater scheme of things, since it’s not stopping you from driving the vehicle in a perfectly safe and efficient manner. Yes, it’s annoying, but the car is still capable of performing its core job of getting you and the kids from A to B. It may be that something as simple as a CD cleaner will fix it.

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      AvatarChristian Morales

      It the dealer of Toyota has bad customer service. First of all, they don’t have right to rude you even they too tired from their job because You’re Customer. You have right follow up them the status of CD player.

      Also, you have to discussed with your legal adviser regarding for being rudeness to the customers especially to you. So please a do legal action against them and teach a lesson how to polite to customers.

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