Dacia Duster corrosion

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      AvatarDale Jay

      I wonder if anyone can help?

      Unluckily I have one of ‘those’ Dusters that Dacia admit underwent an assembly oversight in that they had no corrosion protection applied/added before being painted. Mine has been recalled once for some unspecified corrosion checks and then a year later, just a few weeks back, had to have an entire new rear door due to corrosion. Unfortunately the company tasked by Dacia to replace the door did not make a good job and once again it has been returned for rectification. In around 12 months it has been back four times for an average of 10 days per visit.

      The supplying dealer has been as good as gold and have lent us one of their many demonstrators so we have never been without transport.

      The problem I have now is that I have a 3 year old car (now just out of its standard warranty) but with an inherent rust problem that Dacia will not fix until the rust shows itself. How many weeks or months is acceptable to not have the car you bought new before something permanent should be done? Does anyone know if I can reject a car that is 3 years old – a car that the manufacturer knew had a problem when it was sold new.

      Other than the fact it is rotting away it has been faultless and I would still recommend the newer galvanised ones to anyone wanting a cheap 4×4 for the road.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Dale. I would suggest you engage the services of a solicitor to assist you with your case. It’s not impossible to claim against a dealer or manufacturer outside the first six months, but it is more difficult.

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