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      AvatarMatt Edwards

      First time post, and I’m in need of a bit of help! Back in May I ordered a car through a Skoda dealer who promised delivery before September when my existing PCP expires. In July they said that it might not be August , maybe late September and suggested extending my PCP for 3 months. We discussed but I did not consent. In the next communication they said they had done it ‘just in case’ – I wasn’t that bothered as I didn’t realise what it really meant.

      Last week they emailed to say the car has been delayed and will be an additional 12 weeks, and that I could cancel the order if I wanted and they’d return the deposit. I found a car at another dealer that was available and at a good price, so I cancelled and put the deposit down on the new one.

      When I spoke to VWFS about cancelling the extension so I could hand back my current car in Sept as planned, they said that the agreement was non-reversible and that if now have to do a voluntary termination to hand back in Sept. It was then that I began to wonder how the dealer had managed to extend the PCP agreement without any official consent from me! I’m not prepared to do a VT as I work hard to keep a good clean credit report, and I don’t feel that I should be at a disadvantage for this dealers ‘mis-selling’. They have subsequently said ‘you’re not our customer any more, so we’re not helping you’, which I am astounded by.

      VWFS are pretty useless and the new dealer has sent them an email on my behalf to try and cancel it but with no luck.

      I’m really at a loss about what I can do. I feel really annoyed that a dealer with no official authority from me can alter a credit agreement in my name, but I can’t then reverse that! I really don’t want to VT but I can’t afford 2 finance payments whilst this all plays out. VWFS just said raise a complaint and it’ll take 8 weeks.

      Sorry it’s so long, but I’m in a bit of a quandary!



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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Matt. Unfortunately, finance companies are like most businesses – happy to take your money at the drop of a hat, but slow to give it back or fix their mistakes.

      Yes, you should raise a complaint under their formal process, but if you want to kick the process along faster you’ll need to get legal reinforcements. All businesses tend to respond faster to letters from lawyers than from disgruntled customers.

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