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Dealer has changed terms of finance agreement

Home Forums Car finance Dealer has changed terms of finance agreement

This topic contains 1 reply, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Stuart Masson Stuart Masson 4 years, 3 months ago.

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    alan bagley

    Hi hope you can help here is my problem
    I ordered a car from Nissan and agreed on a a good deal when I was happg I signed the order form.
    At this point the dealer advised that if I took there pcp I would recieve a £1000 nissan finance contribution and proceeded to give me a quote to which I was happy with and accepted.
    I was given a pre contract quotation detailing all payments and interest rates as well as terms and conditions.
    One of these terms says that the dealer is bound by this quotation from 24th may till 24th June.
    I recieved an email saying the car will arrive on 16th june a couple of days later.
    Then 3 days ago I recieved another email from the salesman saying he had made a mistake and apologies but he could not give me the £1000 finance contribution as he had used an employee scheme to discount my car. And my payments would now go up to XYZ.
    I am not happy with the increase but still want my car on the original terms detailed on thd pre contract agreement.
    Can I insist on him honnoring the previous terms?

    This has caused great distress. I am not an employee of nissan and neither did I imply I was so this is his fault and he has held his hands up via an email.

    Thanks in advance Alan

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Alan. I think you should be able to press the dealer to honour the contract. They would expect you to do the same if you suddenly realised you had paid £1000 more than you planned to and tried to change the contract afterwards.

    If it had been a mistake of £10,000, it would be unreasonable to expect them to honour a clearly erroneous offer and you would be reasonably expected to realise that an error had been made. But dealers offer £1,000 discounts and deposit contributions all the time, even on top of other offers, and this certainly sounds like it would be within the norm of usual wheeling and dealing.

    For the dealership, trying to claw back £1,000 on a new car deal, even if it was a genuine error, smacks of desperation – and the downside of hacking off a customer is likely to be costlier than swallowing the £1K and getting on with business.

    Speak to the General Manager/Dealer Principal and make it clear (politely, of course) that you have a valid and binding contract, and that you expect the dealership to honour it. All new car contracts have to be signed off by a Sales Manager and the finance agreement by a Business Manager, so they can’t just blame the salesperson for getting the numbers wrong – a salesperson can’t approve a deal on their own. Also point out that such sales practices are very poor form,and that you will be referring the matter to Nissan GB if the deal is not honoured.

    If you have no joy there, escalate the complaint to Nissan GB’s head office and make your case that the dealer’s sales practices are underhanded and a poor reflection on their brand. You should be able to get there eventually, but it’s an irritation that you have to chase around to get a dealer to stick to what they signed (and make sure you point that out to them as well!).

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