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Vauxhall dealer can’t fix car and i can’t work

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      I bought a brand new car last year from a Vauxhall dealership ’16’ plate.

      Dealership put a new steering column in my car on the 30th June as my steering was locking up. I took it back a few day’s later as it wasn’t fixed. They couldn’t find what the problem was and said they would have to get in touch with the technical team.

      I got in touch with the Head Office to explain my situation. I am a driving instructor and I cannot work without a car obviously. They got in touch with the garage who shortly afterwards contacted me to book my car in.

      My car has been in the garage since the 19th July and they cannot fix it. They have given me a courtesy car, but said once they identify the car they would give me a dual-controlled car, but they can’t find the fault so are refusing to give me a car and I’m worried as I can’t afford not to work.

      They have contacted a technical department on the other side of the country, which asked them to run tests, but that didn’t help. They are now in touch with an Engineer who has asked them to run more tests. They asked for my permission yesterday for one of the management team to drive my car as if it was their own, so will be taking my car back and to from their home. I wasn’t happy but thought I will have to agree as I really need my car back.

      I just wanted some advice and what my rights are. If I just had a dual-controlled hire car I would be fine. I have rung every single department going for help, but there is no sign of my car getting fixed. They do say they are only obliged to give me a courtesy car and not a dual-controlled car, which I know. But I’ve got no car and I’m out of work.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Michelle. I would have thought that your business insurance is the most likely avenue to pursue if you are unable to work – if your insurance even covers that sort of thing.

      The car dealer/manufacturer is not legally obliged to provide you with a courtesy car while your car is being repaired under warranty, and certainly not a dual-control vehicle.

      It’s not at all unusual for them to ask about the service manager driving the vehicle home overnight. Often this will help reveal a fault that did not present itself on the normal loop the technician will take when road testing your car, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. The car will still be covered by the dealer’s insurance while they have the vehicle in their possession.

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