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Decline in fuel sales…

Home Forums Any Other Business Decline in fuel sales…

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    Anyone care to calculate how the rise in duty set against the fall in sales works out in terms whether the government have won or lost in terms of tax revenue. Might they have made more if they’d have slashed their take but sold much more fuel? Or is their slice of the pie so large that they could never make as much through sales as they do from daylight robbery?

    Seems to me that there must be a logical break-even point where they drop the tax to a level where fuel sales are stimulated causing extra sales to offset the drop in tax and the whole economy gets a boost because people will by more cars need more servicing, buy more accessories and generally go out and do more stuff because they can use their cars again without having to wince every time they fill up (so extra tax taken right across the board). Or am I being too simplistic?

    p.s. A forum where you can pull out your text entry box to see the whole of your post. Such a simple thing, what forum wouldn’t have such a thing in this day and age? Oh yes, I remember…

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    Lesia, I am coming to the conclusion that, Eurozone or no, the EU is attempting to harmonise taxation across all member states. The reason why I say this is that I have been having some odd things happening in respect of Council Tax in the UK and Taxes d’Habitation and Foncière in France, and “someone” is attempting to manoeuvre me into paying 100% of the highest total tax while taking discounts on the lower amounts – this happens to be on a house I spend the least time at, do not consider to be principle, and, to all intents and purposes, regard it as a holiday home so should not pay anywhere near 100%.

    I’ve never attempted to reconcile my tax arrangements (beyond earnings), between the two, yet both sides seem to know an awful lot about each other???

    I really do believe that is what is happening and, while the Treasury may be £4Billion, or so, ‘worse off’ compared to 2007, and duties have not risen recently, I don’t think it is out of generosity, but an attempt for countries with lower duties to catch up while others, with higher, to fall (relatively speaking).

    Something else I’ve noticed – it was, until about three years ago, nearly always cheaper to fly to Italy, for example, with a UK carrier than Italian, but the pricing is much more harmonised now. Taxes, again.

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