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Do I have any rights

Home Forums Buying a Car Do I have any rights

This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Avatar Gina Oh 2 weeks, 1 day ago.

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    Gina Oh

    Hi there, I think I understand from the onset that there is not much I can do, but still no harm in checking.. I was looking for a cheapish new car to replace my old and just failed MOT car. After many days and lots of searching, I found one I loved at the onset! Citroen C2 1.6 2007 with a full years MOT for £895. My son rang the garage and negotiated the price, £750 was agreed (yes, nice discount) and as promised, we went over within the hour to get it. I had assumed we would be driving it away, but was surprised to be told not today, as he had to MOT it first. It had been sat for a while with only 1 bald tyre (odd) one flat tyre and one with a nail in. The trader was the least bit troubled and said that would all be resolved with the MOT. This was on the Saturday, with an agreement to go collect it, after MOT on the Tuesday with a £100 deposit and an invoice reflecting this.

    On Tuesday, the day I was supposed to be collecting it, he rang to say there were problems with the ABS light being stuck on, he thought it was a faulty sensor, so was waiting for a new one. As of now, today being Friday, I still don’t have the car and yesterday he said he was ready to give up on it because he couldn’t fix the problem with the ABS light. I asked well what is he going to do – scrap the car? He said he might have to if he can’t get it through the MOT. I asked him are we calling it a day here, or what’s the plan now? He said to give it until today and he will see if he can’t get it solved and through the MOT, but I’m not hopeful and feel he’s messing me around to get out of our deal. Maybe wants more money as he talks about how much it’s cost him to get it through the MOT – £400 so far. I am upset because the car is still advertised and I suspect someone has perhaps offered him at least the asking price, maybe more and he’s just trying to get rid of me. I also, stupidly, got the insurance arranged on the day I was supposed to pick it up, so cancelling that would incur me costs that I really can’t afford. Any advice?

    Many thanks.

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