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DPF Filters

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      Nick Hudd

      I have just had to have my DPF renewed after only 40k miles, at ridiculous expense. The dealer said it was because I “didn’t use the car enough” (I am retired and spend a few months in Spain each year. Anyone have any info / advice this?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Nick. It’s not that you haven’t used the car enough, so the dealer is either being lazy or has not explained the situation very well.

      The DPF accumulates soot particles and then burns them off once the filter reaches a high temperature. However, if you only use the car for short or stop-start trips then the filter does not get hot enough (can take 15-20 minutes of solid running, depending on the car) and the filter gets too full.

      You should get a yellow warning light on your dashboard to indicate that the DPF is full. That basically means that you need to take the car for a decent half-hour drive to let the filter heat up and burn off the particles it has trapped. If you don’t do that, you’ll eventually get a more serious warning that basically says pull over and take the car back to the dealership (which is where you have got to).

      The dealer should have explained this better when you bought the car, and it should be spelled out pretty clearly in the owner’s manual. It’s the same for pretty much every modern diesel car in the UK since 2009 or sometimes even earlier.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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