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      Hi, just after some advice. I bought a car from Evans Halshaw last week and they refused to let me take the car as it didn’t have a log book. At the moment I have no car and am out of pocket nearly £10,000.

      The car is still taxed and registered to the previous owner whom they are having trouble contacting. The previous owner said they will order a new log book, but we’ve been waiting over a week now and they are ignoring all calls.

      My question is, if the car is still taxed and I insure it, can I drive it while I wait for the previous owner to send in the log book? If I borrowed someone’s car, then they will have taxed it, so is it not a similar situation?

      All I want to do is insure the car and drive it while I wait for the log book, then when it comes, it will be transferred to me and I will tax in my name and the previous owner will get a refund.

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Virgil. Do not accept the car and do not try and insure it while the previous owner still has the V5C logbook. Give the dealer a deadline to provide the logbook, and if they can’t do it then demand a full refund.

      A large dealership should not be offering a car for sale if they do not have the logbook. No excuses. If the dealer is not cooperating, contact Evans Halshaw’s head office. For more information and advice, check out our article on resolving a dispute with a dealership.

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      I have paid for a new vehicle and the dealer has applied to DVLA on-line for the V5C to be sent to me. DVLA have provided the registration number.
      They say I can collect the vehicle when I receive the V5C. Delays at DVLA suggest this could take weeks. Can I insure and drive the car immediately?

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