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False information by Honda dealership

Home Forums Any Other Business False information by Honda dealership

This topic contains 3 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Stuart Masson Stuart Masson 3 years ago.

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    Colin Halliday

    Hello i purchased a new car 4 months ago from a Honda main dealer garage. At the time of buying i was told it had full Mazda service history and was recorded electronically i just needed to contact them for a print out. Owning previous Mazdas i knew this to be how they recorded the cars history.

    I never thought much more of it till last night i was in the Mazda garage with my wives car. I asked for the service history print out for mine and found out it is missing 4 services. I contacted the garage and the sales manager is trying to find out where the car was serviced if it was done from the previous owner.

    The sales manager says he will get receipts from the other garages if the previous owner serviced it. But its still not what was stated to me when buying.
    As i only buy full dealer service history cars and was told by the salesperson it had it where do i stand legally as i would never of bought the car without full dealer service history.


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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Colin. You will need written proof that the car was advertised with a full Mazda service history. A verbal assurance from a salesperson is legally meaningless, unless the dealer acknowledges in writing that such a promise was made.

    If you have a copy of the advertisement which claims a full service history, or a written acknowledgement as above, then your legal options are basically non-existent. If you do have written proof, you can argue that the car was mis-sold under the Sale of Goods Act. I would suggest visiting the excellent consumer legal information site legalbeagles.info for specific legal advice about how to proceed.

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    Hi, I recently bought a Fiesta from Bristol St Motors in Wigan with just underr 7k on the clock. They were unable to find the service record book but dais they had it and would post on to me. 5 or six weeks later after numerous chasing they sent a replacement book, as there was aservice due I booked it in at our local Bristol St garage. On the day they contacted me to say the brakes were 90% worn and needed doing – we queried this on such low mileage and that it had not been picked up by their other branch on the checks they do to “ensure you have no surprises”! They contacted the Wigan branch and we were tols there would be no charge. Later when picking up the car they said there was no charge at all as they had not done the service – they had found that it had already been stamped as done by the Wigan branch but they had stamped it in the maintenance pages not the service area for some reason. This seemed strange so we obtained a HPI check which shows the original declared mileage as 10722, Bristol St are saying that this is incorrect and a “typing error” at NMR. We have just rang NMR and they have removed the original entry of 10722 – they had now been informed that this was an error by the original informants – they would not disclose who this was. What a farce this makes of the system – if you can get the right person to tell them it was a mistake they remove the entry! We have no confidence in the mileage shown on the car and the 90% brake wear plus missing service book suggest use in line with the original mileage previously shown. We have asked for a replacement vehicle or refund but we are having no joy – we have the original HPI details, as this should have been picked up in their checks (they were selling the car whilst declaring mileage of under 7k) what are our rights regarding demanding replacement or refund?

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Anita. It’s difficult; the mileage register is entirely voluntary and cannot be relied upon to verify mileage (their paperwork, and that of the HPI check, will note this in the fine print somewhere). Anyone can submit info to the NMR; your V5 logbook has space for you to enter mileage when buying/selling a car, and there is no independent verification service.

      If you are wanting to argue mileage or history based on an HPI check, you should be doing this before buying a car rather than afterwards.

      I would suggest taking the vehicle to a different Ford dealer and see if they can find any reason why the mileage would not be as shown on the car’s odometer.

      Brake wear is variable depending on driving style and circumstances; 90% wear after 7,000 miles is high but not a reason to reject a used car on its own.

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