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Faulty brand new car (SEAT Ateca)

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      ordered a brand new SEAT ATECA in April. Waited 4 months for delivery. Picked it up 3rd September. On the 6th Sept 17 whilst reversing into a parking space it rammed its emergency brakes on, Driving home, stuck in traffic, just about to pull once again rammed its emergency brakes on. The third time was on the lane home. Nothing about, once again rammed its brakes on throwing me nearly through the window. Let Seat know on the 26th September and the response was bring it in. We did and got told to de activate the front assist braking. The cars safety device! We then took the car in the beginning of Oct to be told no one else had complained and no one else had this problem. The fault was a ghost. Then the car got took on a rolling road on the 2nd Nov. Still have no car. They have not contacted us in the whole 3 weeks. Now they say the car is fixed and just want to drop this car off like nothing has happened. Can I take this car back and return it. Can I get compensation. Is this how people should be treated.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Debbie. Unfortunately, intermittent problems are difficult to diagnose as they may not appear when the technician tests the vehicle. You say that it happened three times in 20 days, which is roughly once a week – they are not going to drive the car for a week to wait for it to maybe happen again.

      You are definitely entitled to ask what exactly they have done to “fix” the fault. If they have changed sensors or cameras, it may have fixed the problem. But without knowing what is causing it, there will always be an element of trial and error.

      If you are unhappy with the way the dealer is treating the issue, you can always make a complaint to SEAT head office at Milton Keynes, who may be more responsive in helping.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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