Faulty Fiat, what are my rights?

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      Recently purchased a Fiat 500 and now it’s beginning to be the biggest regret.

      When we decided to take out finance on this vehicle we had to wait a week before collecting it, and on collection the car has managed to get a scrape along the bumper at the front and dents in the rear panel.

      The dealership offered to repair this for free in which they should in my opinion, however on dropping the car to them I parked on a slant up a kerb this resulted in the windscreen cracking from right down the bottom and across the windscreen they refuse to look at this and say it must be a stone chip, there is no sign of impact nor has anything hit the screen in the time I have had it. Being that it’s 2 weeks since we brought

      Being that it’s 2 weeks since we brought it it’s now not being used as Fiat UK are looking into it, however the windscreen is still cracking being stood still and this brings my concern to the chassis itself. What are the rights with this?

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