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Faulty from new Golf 1.6 TDI BlueMotion 2013 casting sand in engine

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      Hi Stuart, Please can you help desperately, I brought my Golf as new an ex demo from VW Peter Cooper within months of owning the car I constantly asked the dealership and technical department about the over running of the fan which would run for an hour at a time nearly every time the car was used I was informed that it was the soot clearance and normal, This went on until October 2016 The car went in as the temperature of the air vents would only blow cold, eventually I was told that the coolant system had a blockage of silca gel as the Silca gel bag in the header tank had split and blocked through out the system, Matrix, radiators, and component’s needed flushing and not under warranty would cost hundreds. This was carried out and within a day it failed again this time all the parts were replaced, VW had my car in for fixing for over 5 months !! They paid for this work as when my car was in for repair it was hit by one of their vehicles down one side and needed re-spraying !!
      The cars fuel consumption and performance was majorly poor, I was told to run it and let the computers reset. After 5 months I took it back as blocked again and performance of a slug, I am told that there is Casting sand in the engine from the manufactory and the cause all along they said they will replace again some engine parts. I have 72,000 miles on the clock.
      I want to reject the car as I believe not fit for purpose from new, have lost faith in VW.
      I sent a letter to reject my car to VW and they are now saying that because of the miles on the clock that 0.45p a mile would be deducted and that it is Silica Gel and casting sand blocking the engine and they would replace the engine or replace the car with one they have in stock. I have until next Friday to decide or they will return my broken car and take their courtesy car back.
      If the car is faulty from the factory stage but has taken time to be recognised that this is the fault can VW deduct usage of miles / It was not fit for purpose all along. over the past 12 months I have only had my car for 5 months!! Looking back the car was failing right from new
      Please help required as research is telling me different views on each site.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Rachel. You should really get some professional legal advice, as this has been going on for a long time and there appear to have been errors all along the way.

      If you want to reject the car, the amount deductible is entirely negotiable – the 0.45p/mile figure they are using is not relevant (it’s based on the tax allowance for using a private car for work, and includes fuel/insurance/road tax, etc.). You can negotiate whatever you like with them, but it will be entirely for you and them to agree on. However, you have had the car quite a long time so they will able to haggle it down quite a long way.

      If everything has happened as you say it has, a decent lawyer should be able to win you a much better settlement than you are likely to achieve on your own.

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      Hi Stuart

      thank you for your reply,
      Please could you tell me if
      1) the Turbo on my golf 1.6 SE Bluemotion 2013 has a oil or water cooled Turbo ? As because of the casting sand found in the engine it drives like a slug and I wondered if its effected the turbo ?
      2) The fault has only just been diagnosed as casting sand in the engine causing all sorts of difficulties, I have from the car being 6 months been complaining of the fan over running for long periods of times normally for up to an hour and on each journey even on short 3 mile journeys in cold weather.
      I was told that it was soot clearance.
      Can the Fan over running problem be an early sign of the Coolant system blockage ? No warning lights were illuminated, Or engine running hot.
      Thank you

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