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Faulty head gasket or water pump?

Home Forums Technical Discussions Faulty head gasket or water pump?

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    I bought a Corsa 1.2 2010 from a local dealer in December and have recently noticed over heating and a complete loss of coolant. Took it to my local Halfords who told me the thermostat and everything was fine and that I needed a new head gasket, quoted me £800. I then thought it was worth a go at phoning my dealer who then agreed to look at it for me as they have a garage on site and it’s still under warranty. They’ve reported back that the head gasket is fine and the problem is the water pump and thermostat which have both been replaced.

    My problem is I am worried that they have just sealed the head gasket to hide the issue and gone down an alternative cheaper route. My warranty ends in a month and after that they won’t be liable.

    Your thoughts on this would be a great help. Thanks

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