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Favourite Racing Driver

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This topic contains 18 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Mickel1992 2 years, 9 months ago.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Who is your favourite racing driver still alive?  And who is your favourite driver who is no longer alive?

  • #3144 Reply

    Living – Alain Prost
    Dead – Gilles Villeneuve

  • #3157 Reply

    Senna, no question. As for the current lot, probably Fernando Alonso but none of them really inspire me.

  • #3174 Reply

    stuart: Who is your favourite racing driver still alive?

    If you will permit me to modify the question a little, my favourite driver still racing would be Fernando Alonso. I think the way he goes about his business, at Ferrari, is quite something to admire. McLaren you were fools, you let something special slip away through, one can only imagine, the fog and pressure of over complication.

    Favourite driver passed on would have to be James Hunt. Mainly because he was a top British driver when I got interested in motorsports, as a child, who then went on to commentary which, given his character, one might not have expected him to do, but his dry humour was a nice counterbalance to Murray Walker’s exciteableness (not a word, I know).

    Favourite driver still alive but no longer racing is Michael Schumacher. Nothing to do with racing though (or not as much as it might), but because he did something really nice for my daughter (for reasons I’ve never understood she adores him), on her birthday at the 2006 Chinese GP, and even had the decency to then go and win the race, from sixth. His last race win.

  • #3219 Reply

    Colin McRae

  • #3349 Reply

    Jenson, both because he’s a good driver and because I quite fancy him (not in the creepy Santander ads though). I also quite like Mr Coulthard, he’s the best reason to watch F1 on the BBC!

    Don’t know enough dead racing drivers to have an opinion on them but that’s probably a good thing.

  • #3350 Reply

    The Colonel wrote:

    stuart: Who is your favourite racing driver still alive?

    Favourite driver still alive but no longer racing is Michael Schumacher. Nothing to do with racing though (or not as much as it might), but because he did something really nice for my daughter (for reasons I’ve never understood she adores him), on her birthday at the 2006 Chinese GP…

    Oh come on, you can’t leave us hanging like that!

    For me, Damon Hill. But only because I’ve met him a few times socially and he’s a thoroughly charming chap.

    Dead – Violette Morris. If you’ve not heard of her you should definitely check out the link…


  • #3354 Reply

    And, on the subject of racing drivers, both living and dead…

  • #3362 Reply

    Oh come on, you can’t leave us hanging like that!

    Through a combination of luck, timely birthdays (her’s and my mother-in-law), me, she, and they all happened to be in the right city at the same time, so I bought tickets to the GP as it was likely, then, that would have been her last opportunity to see him race.

    I took a punt and wrote to the team and his management asking them if it would be possible to arrange a meet and greet, thinking nothing would come of it. And so I thought it wouldn’t, until three days before the race I recieved an e-mail saying that we “would be recieved” after FP2 if we were still able to go and had the right ticket. We could, and we did (she didn’t know about it though).

    At this point all it seemed to me would be us and fifty more people hudled into a room, MS and RB stick their heads through the door, smile, “funny” comments, photocall and off. Even when we were collected by a very attractive Ferrari PR woman I thought it was going to be the same, until we were parked outside of the Ferrari motorhome and asked to wait, alone. Not very bright, at this point, my little one still thought that we were trying to hustle a ticket for my father-in-law, as I had told her.

    10 minutes went by, and then she turned white, jumped up, ran around me, and as I turned around around saw her clamped onto Michael Schumacher’s legs (which I suppose is better than sitting there wetting herself). He was with five other people from the Ferrari team and, once I prised her off of him, they all sang happy birthday to her and then gave her some Ferrari branded birthday presents. We then had a coke, photos, and twenty minutes of chat. One happy child…daughter chuffed, too.

    As if that wasn’t enough, fast forward to Monaco 2010, my wife and daughter were among a crowd trying to get autographs of anyone that looked like their autograph might be worth something on Ebay. She saw him and called out his name. He saw her and then said hi, and obviously recognised her by then calling her by her Chinese nickname, which she had taught him three years earlier.

    Top bloke.

  • #3363 Reply

    Fantastic. And to think, for some reason people don’t like him. Top bloke, indeed.

  • #3364 Reply

    Angus Young wrote:Fantastic. And to think, for some reason people don’t like him. Top bloke, indeed.

    My own experiences aside, I tend to be of the belief that “celebrities” (to use an awkward catch-all) are probably nicer people than any public persona, cultivated or given, presents them as.

    The really nice thing about that experience was that for all the birthdays and presents that have come an gone, this is the one thing that she still bangs on about, seven years later, to anyone “lucky” enough to be within earshot. Priceless. My daughter has done more for the image of F1 in China than FIA and FOM put together.

    The annoying thing is that bastard picked her out of a crowd, only having met her briefly, comparitively speaking, three years earlier, and I had difficulty identfying my own child the first time I went to collect her from Junior High School – think 1000 children, all in the same blue uniform, black hair, pony tails, pink ruck sacks – and that’s just the boys – and you’ll understand my difficulty, but that doesn’t stop it being used against me! :-D

  • #3366 Reply

    Great story TC. You’re right, celebrity persona means I never would have thought Schumacher could ever be nice enough and thoughtful enough to remember your daughter 3 yrs later.

    Always like Nigel Mansell when I was growing up but that was probably because he was British and a lot of attention on him.

    Always had some admiration for Colin Mcrae and his philosophy; if in doubt, flat out! I definitely follow this when in the job car… :-D

  • #3402 Reply
    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Brilliant story, Colonel. I agree that most modern drivers/celebrities have public faces that are seen by the millions and are largely robotic and uninteresting, but away from the cameras I am sure that all of them are much more personable and interesting than we would ever know.

  • #3558 Reply
    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    I have just finished re-reading the book “Senna vs. Prost” by Malcolm Folley. It is still the best and most balanced review of the two men that I have ever read, and does both of them great justice. I have always been a Prost fan, and it annoyed me greatly that the Senna movie was very unfair on him. Highly recommended reading.

  • #3577 Reply

    I was always a fan of Gerry Marshall. Usually a dramatic, entertaining driving style made you slower, but not in his case. It was helped by the fact that my dad usually had Vauxhalls, which Marshall usually raced. He succumbed to heart problems and went to the big paddock in the sky while in his racing overalls too. Also he was a beer-drinking fatty, not a highly groomed style icon.

    Also admire, in hindsight, Olivier Gendebien. Tremendous record and last of the gentlemen drivers. Truly a class act.

  • #5193 Reply

    James Simon Wallis Hunt is my favourite racing driver, he is not alive now. He died on 15 june 1993.
    And now Mark Martin is my favourite racing driver.

    Quattro Autocare UK

  • #8877 Reply
    allen fletcher

    1Danica Patrick
    Born Danica Sue Patrick in 1982 Danica is probably the most well known female driver today inspiring millions of female drivers around the world
    2Ayrton Senna: Ayrton Senna da Silva was a three time World Driving Champion, killed in a tragic accident at Imola in the 1994 season.

  • #9965 Reply

    Damon hill :- He is charming and handsome guy.Still alive
    Gilles Villeneuve:- He was great racer.

  • #104505 Reply

    Absolutely,Alain Prost

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