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Fiat 500 2012 sold a dodgy car

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      Took car to garage for MOT, they said there wa lots of rotten/mould underneath the car where the wheel is. They said this is down to it being in an accident and had a cheap repair done to it. Bought it off lookers and they never told me the car was in an accident or told me about this rotten mould. They offered to pay for repair but surely is there nothing more I can do considering they didn’t tell me about this???

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Ben. A dealer is not obliged to tell you about any repairs to a vehicle unless it is a Category C or D (now called Categories S and N) write off. That means that the insurance company has declared the car an economic write-off and paid out the power, but the car can legally be fixed and put back on the road.

      If the repairs to your Fiat do not constitute that level of damage, the dealer is not obliged to disclose it. Of course, if they have advertised that the car has never been damaged, that would be a different story as it would be false advertising.

      In terms of their obligation to fix the previous repairs, obviously the dealership is obliged to sell a car that is roadworthy and safe, so you are certainly entitled to pursue them to fix the car to a satisfactory level.

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