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      joseph james

      Hello, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      6 months ago we bought an Audi A3 on finance over a 4year contract after a few weeks the Audi started cutting out while driving and would roll to a complete stop. RAC called out, recovered to a garage, after a week no faults were found and we collected the car. This started happening on a weekly basis after an hour or so the car would start and go until it cut out again.

      We got in contact with the car sales garage they agreed to cover any costs as long as it was not caused through wear/tear rang finance company and made a complaint.

      After 5 & half months 3 different garages including Audi themselves and multiple RAC call outs nobody can find a reason to why this is happening.

      Call finance company to ask if I could VT the finance to which they informed me they hadn’t started the complaints procedure the first time I complained (about 15 calls ago) and I only had 10 days left to be within the 6 months fix or replace policy.

      So the last 2 weeks of jumping through hoops more fault finding ideas, diagnostic tests, road test through main dealer (still no solutions) and letters from previous garages for evidence of fault as requested by them.

      I received a call today saying as there not enough evidence to prove a fault they are going to close the complaint and allow me to voluntary terminate the finance agreement and there will be a bill of £5250 plus cost of recovering the vehicle as its unsafe to drive.

      I have no idea where or what to do at the moment so any advice on this would be great.
      thank you for taking the time to read this

      Joe James

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Joe. It sounds like you need to be rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act rather than trying a voluntary termination.

      Unfortunately, the finance company has given you poor advice here, which is not surprising as rejecting the car loses them more money than a voluntary termination.

      If the car is faulty, which is certainly appears to be, then you are covered by the Consumer Rights 2015, which allows you to reject the vehicle – although there may still be costs involved. For more information, have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car.

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