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      Dawn McGaughay

      We picked up our car from Arnold Clark yesterday. It was bought by my mother in law for us on PCP. The contracts were all signed and dated yesterday. Today Arnold Clark has called saying problem with original finance company who are refusing the credit now.

      Arnold Clark is trying to get us to take a new contract with different finance company costing an extra £13 a month but also over an extra year.

      Surely we’re entitled to pay the amount and over the term detailed in our contract. Arnold Clark has made the mistake by issuing the contracts too early. That’s not our fault. Where do we stand?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Dawn. Presumably there will be heads rolling at the dealership because they let the car go out the door without the finance sorted…

      It’s not surprising that the finance has been rejected, as it sounds like an accommodation deal and that’s not usually allowed.

      You don’t have to accept a more expensive contract, and there’s also no guarantee that the second finance company will accept your application for the very same reason.

      Your best bet is probably to negotiate for the whole deal to be cancelled at no cost to you or your mother-in-law, and for the dealership to come and collect the car. You don’t need to lift a finger to help them out, but being wilfully difficult will only make the whole thing very unpleasant.

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