Ford C-Max cuts out whilst driving

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      AvatarJessica Cokeley

      I recently bought a Ford C-Max 1.6 TDI 52 plate from a private dealer.

      I quickly found there was a smell of diesel and the car started cutting out while I was driving, sometimes coming up with a steering fault and others times with an engine warning.

      I’ve taken the car to a Ford dealer and they found a diesel leak in the pipes which has now been repaired, they did a fault check and found old faults but said there were no issues with the engine.

      I collected the car today and it has cut out on my 4 times already. It will start up straight away after the fault. I was hoping it was cutting out due to the leak and having low pressure, would this still happen just after a repair or is there something else going on?

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Jessica. You will need to find the cause of the engine cutting out. It is presumably related to the original leaking problem but the initial repair from the Ford dealer doesn’t appear to have solved the overall problem.

      The good news is that you are presumably no longer leaking fuel.

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