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      Hi before I start I need to say I’m not the brightest when it comes to mechanics.
      I have a 2008 Ford Mondeo mk4 which has done 210 k miles.
      It’s serviced ever 6 months and MOT ‘d.
      In Dec I had a MOT done which only failed on tyres and bulbs .also have a full service and a CAM belt as last 1 was fitted 90k ago.
      Total cost was 665

      Day after car loses power and conks out .
      Towed back to garage who look at it and tell me that (here’s were I’m not technical) a chain which is located near cam belt (2 small ones that looked like a bicycle chain) wasn’t functioning the other 1 .

      They fixed after Xmas and Said I was lucky as car nearly died .
      On leaving garage engine light on plus smoke coming from engine which was due to massive diesel spill coming from a pipe under bonnetbwhich wasn’t connected properly.

      I got towed by AA back to garage where they said pipe had slipped .

      They then fixed later that day but car still had engine light on.
      They hooked it up and abd said they couldn’t find the fault showing (turbosubmission I think ) so saidvdrivevand fingers crossed.

      Day after car loses power on dangerous road .plus battery died
      AA again called could charge battery and tried to start engine manually using wrench to no avail. Was toldvengine had seized.
      He’s towed he back to garage.

      I’m waiting to see what they say tomorrow but would like advice where I stand .

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Ginno. It could be quite difficult to get any joy, as the car has done 210,000 miles and has a very low value.

      After that much use, it will be difficult to definitively prove that the car was sold in a faulty condition or serviced incorrectly to cause faults. As much as you want to believe that it’s the case, it’s difficult to prove that.

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