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      Adrian Stone

      I bought a Jaguar XF 7 years old absolutely beautiful. Was told that May 2015 service at 25,000 miles was surfing to forgo this year’s service as the Jaguar had only done an extra 3,000-4,000 miles and could wait another 10,000 miles before spending money on a 2018 service.

      Alas the Jaguar stamp, following enquiries, just indicated an oil change, so the garage lied. in fact, age is dominant in servicing unless mileage comes first.

      I am taking the garage to court as l would never have bought the vehicle had l known. 2018 service just cost me almost £900 as cam belt and filters were in the 7-year servicing module. I am sure these garage guys were aware. Any advice?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Adrian. I don’t know that you have any rights here unless you can prove that you have been mis-sold.

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