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      Hi, I bought a 62 plate Nissan Micra from a garage in September this year. A month after having it the mil light came on, I phoned the garage up and they said to contact the RAC because I had coverage with the car. RAC run a diagnostic and I contacted the garage with the result.

      I then took my car back, thinking they were replacing a faulty lambda sensor- but when I collected it they said that the sensor was fine and that they had re-tested it and it was likely a loose wire causing the fault (which they tightened) exactly a week later the light came on again. This time they had my car overnight and said that they had replaced the sensor. The same day I collected my car the light came back on. I contacted the garage to say that I wasn’t happy going back again as it’s far from my home and inconvenient.

      They agreed that I could get a diagnostic locally, which showed that it is in need of a catalytic converter. A genuine part is over £1000. The garage I bought it from will only replace it with an aftermarket part. Are they legally obliged to only use genuine parts?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Lewis. No, the dealer is not obliged to be a genuine part from Nissan. They only need to use a part of the correct specification, so an aftermarket part will be entirely acceptable as long as it is the right spec for the car.

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