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Grinding noise on start up – Fiat Punto

Home Forums Technical Discussions Grinding noise on start up – Fiat Punto


This topic contains 0 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Chris newton 2 years, 11 months ago.

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    Chris newton

    Hi all

    I have had my Fiat Punto Grande 1.2 for about 8 years and for the past 5 years its made a grinding noise on start up. I have been on here and had some good advice, anyways about 5 months ago I bit the bullet and got a new flywheel, new starter motor and new battery.

    For 5 months or so it’s been perfect not one grind then tonight I get into the car and wham it does it 3 times in a row out of no where. I can not believe it

    Got my mechanic to look at it tomorrow but what else could it be?

    I’m totally lost and so frustrated right now

    The thing is with it not doing it for so long I can’t now even begin to guess what is causing it.

    Thanks for any help on this I really would love to nail this once and for all.

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