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Used Fiat Bravo – have I been ripped off?!

Home Forums Buying a Car Used Fiat Bravo – have I been ripped off?!

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This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Stuart Masson Stuart Masson 2 years, 3 months ago.

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    I purchased a 2008 Fiat Bravo from a dealer about 3.5 weeks ago. Paid £1550. A years MOT and looked good, drove fine.
    2 days in an engine fault flagged up as well as a glow plug warning and I’d noticed a high pitched screeching when driving (after about 10 mins each time).
    First I called the RAC who diagnosed and EGR valve fault and also noted an old ‘preheating unit’ fault – he advised me to have it checked by a garage. I went to Fiat and paid £55 for an inspection of the things I was concerned about. They said it needed a new EGR valve and one new glow plug and the attachment thing to go with it. They also said the break discs needed replacing. I also had them check the power steering which they said was fine.
    So at this point I wanted to return the car and start over. In fairness to the dealer I agreed to give him the chance to put it right. We attended the garage together (the same one that had given it the MOT). They replaced the EGR valve. They cleaned up and repaired the glow plug and casing and also checked the break discs and cleaned them.
    There is no longer a squealing and the EGR fault is gone (I have the receipt for the part).
    It’s been driving fine (just over a week).
    However, the power steering failed today and then set itself right again after 20 odd miles so I called the RAC again to make sure it was okay to drive.
    A number of faults came up… including the pre-heating unit fault (relating to the glow plug thing I believe as it’s the same one as before)… an issue with the battery Voller age to the power steering, and electrical steering (see report attached).
    The RAC patrol man also mentioned that the car battery seemed to be too large and was not fitted in the manner of ‘best practice’… he noted this on the report.
    He again advised me to get it checked out by a garage who could specify the exact issues that had come up… he said that it was okay to drive but bare in mind that if there’s a power steering fault it could just go and come back again at any point … apparently it’s a running theme with Fiats?!

    My dilemma is where do I go from here? Do I just state my consumer rights and return the car? Or do I give the dealer another chance to sort it out?
    I’m guessing Fiat would be my best bet for an inspection but I’m aware that the Fiat mechanics will hold everything to a much higher standard so I wouldn’t necessarily know if the work HAS to be done or if it can be fine for a few more years as it is?
    They originally advised to take it back but agreed with me to at least give the dealer the chance to fix it.

    I’m so stressed with it all. I’ve spent over £100 on a hire car already whilst they were fixing it the first time, and of course paid for the inspection and the dealer didn’t offer to reimburse any of that.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Joanna. We can’t advise you which way to go; all we can do is try and explain how it works.

    You can reject the vehicle, which you must do in writing and be very clear that you are rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The dealer is not obliged to accept your claim that the vehicle is faulty, so a written report from a Fiat dealer would be helpful.

    If the dealer refuses to accept your rejection, you are likely to have to call a solicitor for some legal support to help force the matter. Unfortunately that costs money, and on a used car there is never any guarantee that you will win the fight.

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