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      Please can someone help?

      On Monday my car ( Mercedes B-Class) wouldn’t start so I called the AA. They diagnosed the starter motor as the problem. The AA guy got the car started and with him behind me to check it didn’t stop, I drove it to the garage which is literally around the corner (140 metres) from my house. The garage said they’d take a look and let me know the cost. I got a phone call later that afternoon saying it was the starter motor and quoting me £280 for parts and labour.

      Two hours later I get another call from the garage saying that the support spindle has broken the starter motor and gone into the bell housing so they have to take the gearbox out and its a much bigger job so quote me £483. Then I get a call this morning saying shall we replace your clutch whilst the gear box is out and quoting me another £300. To this, I responded that I had the car checked over by RAC 6 months ago when I bought it and there wasn’t a problem.

      When I went to pick up the car, the mechanic was saying that clutch was heavy, but I said I hadn’t noticed that nor my partner. When I got into the car, I literally could not push the clutch pedal down and therefore couldn’t start the engine. When I told the mechanic that the clutch was not like that before, and I and The AA had driven it with no problems from my house less to the garage, he then said than maybe the bits that fell off the starter motor has affected the clutch and now its a big job and costly so I’m looking at a bill of another £700!

      Please help? Does this sound even plausible?? I’ve had to leave it with them as I just can’t push the clutch pedal down without exertion. Could this be their fault?

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Sue. From your description, it sounds like the garage has managed to cause your clutch problem during their repair.

      However, if they are refusing to accept responsibility, you will need to get proof that this is the case – a statement from the AA technician to say that the clutch was operating properly when the car was delivered to the garage, and/or a report from another garage that attests that the damage was done while the car was being repaired.

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