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This topic contains 7 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Avatar – none – 6 years, 6 months ago.

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    I got the Monaro out of the garage today, as its been hibernating, well mainly staying away from the road salt.

    I must say its really nice to get back behind the wheel after far too many months.

    Any of you lot got something sitting in the garage waiting for the good weather to come around?

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    Being a fair weather rider my Orange 5 pro came out the garage today, not a car but a £3500 mountain bike so I think that counts!

    Brought a trailer and took the little un down the canal, he loved it!

    I wish I had a Westfield in the garage waiting for a sunny day but boss says no…..

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    I wish. Currently I don’t have either of my cars… my Beemer is having some warranty work. It should have taken a couple of hours but they only ordered one shock absorber rather than two so it’s there until Monday. They have given me a 320d auto. As autos go, it’s alright but it won’t persuade you out of your Monaro, Artill!
    I have noticed that if I drive like Miss Daisy, it returns more than my 120d but put my foot down, it returns less than my car. Clearly set up for Eco-driving. Not impressed with the interior; very similar quality and materials to mine but it’s too…. Upright and flat. Etch-a-sketch (sic?) was obviously used. Doesn’t work for me and my wife thought it was very 80s. With it having SE suspension, it’s a far more comfortable ride than mine. Wouldn’t have M Sport again.

    Oh, and the Polo is still in the garage… :roll:

  • #3586 Reply

    Look on the bright side Rich,

    when you get the Polo back it will be a classic!

    And loan cars are just an extended test drive without having to put up with car salesmen.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    I have a bike, nothing expensive or fancy, just a single speed cycle for getting around London when it’s warm but not too hot, and not too cold, and definitely not raining or snowing, and only when I can be bothered, and not if I’m feeling a bit lazy.

    So it hasn’t moved since about October…

  • #3652 Reply

    artill wrote:Look on the bright side Rich,
    when you get the Polo back it will be a classic!

    And loan cars are just an extended test drive without having to put up with car salesmen.

    Whoop whoop! Whilst getting the Beemer back from the warranty work, I got a shocking phone call. The Polo had been fixed!! It’s like driving a new car :-D

    It did tell me that I will never, ever buy a Fiesta and especially a Fiesta diesel. And the 320d courtesy car told me that autos are for lazy drivers! :lol:

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    great to hear you have them both back. Amazed you have the Polo so soon!

  • #3684 Reply

    How long was that Polo off the road for in the end? They sent you a left hand drive wiring harness if I remember right.

    Oh, despite your advice about not buying a 1.6 Focus, I’ve gone and bought a 1.6 Focus! I looked for a decent diesel that wasn’t 200 miles away but the ones I looked in my price range were really grubby. One smelt like sick and disinfectant. Asked the garage where it came from, he said Ebay…Anyway, I’ll see how I go with it. Pick it up thursday after it’s been serviced and new tyres.

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