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Honda dealership sold me a CRV For top dollar and never disclosed Any issues

Home Forums Buying a Car Honda dealership sold me a CRV For top dollar and never disclosed Any issues

This topic contains 1 reply, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Avatar Leo Glantzman 1 month ago.

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    Leo Glantzman

    I spent the last $10,000 I had so car would last for a long time but one of the issues that I never disclosed cause me to crash into a pole. So I bought a 2009 Honda CRV that seem to be in mint condition. I spent $10,000 after taxes. The air-conditioning worked for the test drive, they must’ve charged with Freon so the air-conditioner worked just for the test drive because if it didn’t I would’ve asked for a 5000 off immediately. The very bottom side of the front bumper look like it had been shattered into about six square pieces and those pieces were all cable tied back together with pieces of plastic. Less than a month after purchasing the car one of those pieces of plastic came undone and went under my right wheel causing me to crash into a telephone pole. Literally sent me to the crisis unit in the hospital with ravenous thoughts of taking my own life. When I called HONDA they said that they would come get the vehicle and fix it. Is this something that happens are they going to take the vehicle and fix all the things that they never fixed before that I know that was never maintained.? Or do you think that they’re going to make good on it? In all actuality I really don’t want that CRV anymore because they lied about it once why wouldn’t they lie about it again and I would much rather just have a Honda Civic at this point. Is it unusual for a guard dealership to actually fix a car that the consumer crashed, even though it was due to the fact that their car had multiple issues wrong with it that I had no clue about. I spent $10,000 after-tax witches tip top dollar for that vehicle, and within the month I had it I found about five Are there maintenance issues that were never taken care of, now since they were never taken care of I really don’t want a vehicle that was never well-maintained so I don’t want them to fix that and give it back, I just want to use the civic or something that wasn’t crashed and it was well-maintained. Does this seem like somethings car dealerships do? It’s an official high and Honda dealership

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    Leo Glantzman

    Even if they fix it I don’t want that vehicle anymore because I don’t want a vehicle that’s been in a crash and clearly Had issues to begin with

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