How do i go about challenging the Excess mileage charge.

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      Peter Joinson


      I am writing this on behalf of my son who handed his car back just before christmas, not quite at his half way point to be able to walk away. But we were told if he paid £792.38 then all will be good, no problem there.

      However the reason for handing the car back was due to change in circumstances and no longer being able to cover costs. Job opportunity the other side of the world was the cause.

      Now we appreciate he went over his mileage and we have been requested to pay £581.86, due to financial issues i want to contest it.

      How do i start the process to challenge the excess mileage please ?


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      Dag Hammar

      Did your son read and then sign a contract in which it was shown that excess mileage would be chargeable ?
      If that is the case then I doubt you could dispute or challenge the charge.
      Broadly speaking, there is no point in having any contract if one side or the other are not prepared to abide by the terms of that contact.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Peter. You can’t contest your finance agreement because of “financial issues”. You can negotiate payment terms with the finance company, but there is no provision in a car finance agreement for not being able to make your payments.

      For more information about voluntary termination and excess mileage, read our explanation of voluntary termination of a PCP.

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